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Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe {HOW TO}


stop on over to our Summer Kitchen blog for this new Apple & Brown Sugar Sugar scrub recipe.

Originally posted on Lizzy Lane Farm Botanicals:

{recipe} Apple & Brown Sugar- Sugar Scrub recipe

The kids are headed back to public school very soon, our fall curriculum home school is under way, the garden is in full production, the canners and dehydrators are working overtime and the pantry is filling up. WOW no wonder I’m tired.

I needed a bit of a reminder that soon all will settle down and the season will change once again…Fresh from our Summer Kitchen is our Fall Edition of yummy smelling and oh’ so good for your skin sugar facial scrub. Thank you to all our Facebook and blog family for your feedback on your favorite fall scents. The winners were apple, pumpkin pie, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Homemade sugar scrubs not only make great gifts for all occasions, but a sugar scrub is one of the best ways to achieve healthy glowing skin, they soften your skin, exfoliating (sugar), moisturize it (oils) and add beneficial herbs for…

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I just loved this post, it made my afternoon, a bit of color, charm and a lovely garden to end the day.

Originally posted on Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning:

GERANIUMS & WOOO SPRITE 011It has been a while since posted about my container garden on the deck, I have been under the weather from a problem in my neck around C6/C7 causing spasms and severe pain in my left arm. Thankfully after weeks and weeks of this the pain is under control and the inflammation, spasms and arm pain is under control.

There were many times that I wanted to take pictures of the flowers or do some creative photography from the tripod, however wanting to and actually feeling like are two different things. the container garden pictures are from around July 4th, the Geranium pictures were taken indoors today.




In the next post I will have pictures of the deck as it is now, a very different place than you see in these pictures.

This afternoon I gathered geranium blossoms and took some pictures, from what was gathered.



While I was taking…

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July Etsy Coupon Code


a recent post from our soap blog, The Summer Ktichen

Originally posted on Lizzy Lane Farm Botanicals:

July 2014 Lizzy Lane Farm coupon code for our Etsy shop

I just wanted to share an email I received the other day from a lovely woman whom has been ordering from us for several years now. Her question was why we don’t offer more coupon codes and sales; or was she missing them.

My answer is so simple and honest, I want a sale or coupon code to be something special. A sale here at Lizzy Lane Farm truly is a sale. Our prices don’t go up just before a sale and our items are not on sale every day.

Our Sales are in December and July.

Coupon codes occasionally go out in our orders and in our newsletters, so if you do receive one it is special and will expire.

Occasionally they are posted here on our soap blog and our Facebook page.  Never will you find them to be a monthly occurrence.

Just thought you would like to know.

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Revisiting Priorities Summer 2014

A quiet chat in the garden

Chatting in the garden

potted plants in the garden

Chamomile in the garden


PRIORITIES… A term that has been ringing in my head for several months now. A few years back it was all so simple, these days I find most of my time being consumed by work (our on line shops) and our growing family. Where does the time go, I don’t seem to get 1/3 done each day that needs to be done. Yes, I have loads of support from everyone here but still no time to do the things most important to me.

chamomile in the garden


Gardening is a biggie the past couple of years, first its the constant pain in my neck and back from a ruptured disc. This has caused me to scale back to a very small veggie garden and to be honest most of what gets done in it is when I can convince some one, mostly son #1 to help me get it done. This year it was Daisy who put in most of the seeds. Such a responsibility for an 8 year old, and she surpassed all my expectations in doing it. Guess she had a good teacher.

Second it simply a lack of time needed to grow a successful garden. There is no point in putting in the work then not caring for it, because there are little to no rewards as in a pantry full of freshly filled jars come Fall.

A few months back I made the decision the ask for outside help in the shop and my prayers were answered with Miss. Zoe, not only is she a very dear friend, she is a co-leader with me in Daisy’s Girl Scout Troop and now she gladly helps out in the shop. Filling orders, answering emails, and many moments of silliness make my days easier.

I have been working on learning materials, organizing supplies, and plenty of school time for both him and Daisy.

Big Boy turns 5

Big Boy turns 5

Our growing family… we recently added full time our Grandson, Shaye to the family for a few months while his mother works out some major personal issues and hopefully some soul searching for his wellbeing. This change has brought less room in the house, added “things” and another huge chunk of my time dedicated to some schooling before he starts Kindergarten in the Fall. He has major catching up to do just to be at a level his peers are, never mind added life and social skills he lacks.

So here I am my priorities for the busy Summer, how about you. What are your most important goals for the season?


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