Welcome to Lizzy Lane Farm

Welcome to the farm

Welcome to the farm


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  1. popping over from the donw to earth forum to say Hi, what a great blog
    am mama4 on the forum

  2. Happy to see you here, I just love the new forum…


  3. on your new laundry soap is it only the 4 cups of hot water with the rest? This is my first time doing it but when I was reading your previous recipies it seems that there was much more water. in the 5 gallon bucket.

    Thanks so much. I just love your blog

  4. Hi Angie,

    I don’t know what happened to this post, part was missing. But here is what I do.

    I put 4 cups of HOT water into my bucket, add the soap, washing soda, and borax-Stir it well, until everything is disolved. Then fill the bucket almost full with warm water (3 gallons?) and add my essential oils. Let this sit overnight and give it a good stir in the morning, then put into the bottles I saved.

    Sorry for the confusion, I did change the post.


  5. I like your new header!

  6. I jusy had to write, so sad people think your not doing good because you live your way……even more in this time of life we need to see the important things and living with in your means as things we must do. I love the coutry life and jsut wanted to say you are doing the right thing. Enjoy!

  7. Love the way you’ve set up your blog. It’s so easy to navigate around. And the photos are wonderful. I’m enjoying taking the time to browse.

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