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Home Made Laundry Soap Revisited

laundry day


I have talked about making my own laundry soap before here, and here. and this is a wonderful recipe and I have had great results for a couple of years now.

A few months ago I started playing around with liquid Castile soap and just love it. I took the basic recipe and modified it a bit with great results. While a bit thinner than the original recipe it is a time saver.

Here is what I do.

In my 5 gallon bucket I add 4 cups of hot water from the faucet. add to this 3/4 cup of liquid castile soap, 1 cup washing soda and 1 cup of borax. STIR until all is dissolve, add enough warm water to almost fill the bucket and let it cool a bit. Then add my essential oils. About 1/2 an ounce works well. My favorite combination these days is tea tree oil and lavender.

Once cool I give the bucket a good stir and let sit 24 hours. The next day give it a good stir again the top will have a thick jelly like surface with water underneath. Then I use a large measuring cup to transfer it into liquid laundry soap container I have collected. I find that the top line on the cap is about the right amount for a load…about 1/2 cup. I the containers I have are the non-concentrated kind so the caps are large. Before each use give the jug a good shake.

For the rinse cycle I use 2 downy softener balls with vinegar. Don’t worry, you won’t smell the vinegar when the laundry is done.

laundry soapI don’t often use the dryer but when I do, a muslin bag filled with dried lavender tossed in works great. Smells great and no problems with static.

I have also discovered the wonders of those foaming liquid soap dispensers. For my birthday I was given a rather expensive bottle of the liquid soap. It was wonderful but sure didn’t last long. I must wash my hand 20 times a day if not more. Any way, I saved the dispenser and started adding about 1/4 cup of the liquid castile soap, a few drops of essential oil and a pinch of borax then fill the container with water. This works great.

So what recipes have you discovered with liquid castile soap?

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