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Another Convenience Food-Farm Style

Sweet Pea and Calendula soap ready to be cut into bars

I know I talk about this all the time but here I go again. Some times I don’t feel like making a huge mess or spending lots of time cooking. There are other fun things to do but everyone has to eat right? And everyone like good home cooked meals over some boxed stuff, right?

Last night was one of those I don’t feel like cooking nights. So our fast food was a hot bowl of pea soup, corn bread and for dessert we had peaches. I had exactly 2 pans, 4 spoons, 4 glasses, 4 bowls, 1 knife and a wooden spoon to clean up. I warmed up a jar of pea soup I had frozen last fall, a quick corn bread recipe that took all of 5 minutes to measure out, and I stirred together right in my cast iron frying pan then baked and popped the lid off a jar of peaches I put up. The corn bread recipe could have been even faster if I had the recipe minus the liquids and eggs premeasured in a container with the recipe written on the side.

gardener's soap with cranberry seeds

The secret to these meals is that it all started months ago when I purchased a nice smoked pork shoulder. We had a wonderful family meal with close friends the night I cooked it. I saved the left over meat in small packages and froze for things like quick omelets, mac and cheese and even toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.

Meal two came with the ham bone a few night later, I made into a nice large batch of pea soup. This was a don’t even think about it meal. I put the ham bone in the crock pot and covered it with water, set it on low and forgot about it until the next day. After it was cool I removed the bone and other undesirable pieces, leaving the loose ham bits in the water. To this I dumped in about 4# of dried peas and a few well diced carrots. I turned the crock pot back on low and forgot about it again until later in the day when it was dinner time. Turned out perfect. A quick batch of corn bread and a fresh salad from the garden and dinner was served.

To freeze the leftover soup for another quick meal, I used regular quart canning jars and lids to freeze meal size portions in. These were not new lids, this is okay because I didn’t pressure can the soup I froze it. Make sure to leave plenty of head room as this stuff does expand when it freezes. No pressure canning needed, I simply put the band and lid on and put it in the freezer. I sometimes use other sized jars and their lids in place of the canning jars, it depends on the size I want to freeze.

After dinner last night I stopped into one of my favorite Blogs, to say hello to Rhonda Jean over at Down To Earth and was quite pleased to see she too is talking about pork shoulders and how handy and economical they are. You can read about it from her, here. Her photo of her dinner makes me hungry all over again for another cooked roast.

will be in our Etsy shop soon...Smells like spring to me...

So now on to the corn bread, like I said I was in no mood to spend lots of time cooking so I mixed my corn bread right in the cast iron frying pan and tossed it in the oven to bake. My recipe calls for corn meal, I decided to use up some I ground last fall while preparing for our 7 months of eating from our pantry. The recipe also called for a small amount of white flour, I used ground oats and a bit of bran flour. There is also a small amount of “liquid fat” my recipe calls for so I used flax oil with a splash of sunflower oil. It turned out yummy. * here is another little Karyn is not into cooking tonight tip…the recipe needed a cup of milk. Since I am doing my baking with powdered milk to cut back on the fresh milk ($$ & running to the farm down the road) I didn’t bother mixing the milk first I tossed about 3 TBS of the milk powder right in the flour mix and added a cup of water with the oil and egg.

20 minutes and very little dishes later we were stuffed full of our convenience food…farm style. Now to decide what is for dinner tonight. I think it will be a “farm house buffet”  (leftovers for those of you who are wondering). We have some Shepard’s pie, pea soup, potato salad and fresh spinach that need to be used up. Almost forgot the brownies and chocolate chip cookies…

So whats for dinner at your house tonight?


Country Store

Now any time you want you can click on our welcome banner to go directly to our Etsy site. I have not had the time to update the Blogger site for quite some time and don’t see that happening in the near future. Just wanted to let you know, I have had several emails asking about spring/easter soaps and what is new around here.

I have lots to say about our new products but I’ll let them speak for themselves…You can click on any of the pictures to go directly to that listing at Etsy.

Country buttons scented Raspberry, Vanilla and Almond in bright spring colors


Organic Lavender Dryer Sachets


Bath scrubbie soaps


Chocolate Fudge Solid Bubble Bath Bars


Vanilla Bean Shaving Soap


Cranberry & Fig Bath Salts with Atlantic Sea Salts

And for those interested I have a new Discount Code: BACKHOME for free shipping in the US.

It’s Raining

So what shall I do home today without a car seat, a sick baby that sounds like a barking seal and pouring rain outside?


How about put labels on a rainbow…These are the rainbow inspired loofah soap I have been working on the past few weeks. I will post them to the Farm Country Store shortly, I promise. You will want to stop in there because I have a surprize waiting there for you! oh’ there are other new soaps there to look at too.

  • Red: Apple Jack & Orange…smells like crisp red apples and juicy oranges
  • Orange: Bergamot & Mandarin Orange…Yummy bergamont, (think Earl Grey Tea) and juicy oranges
  • Yellow: Jamaican Me Crazy…Fruity, tropical punch
  • Green: Champagne…the fizzy bubbles in Ginger ale. (I love it)
  • Blue: Patchouli & Vanilla…need I say more?
  • Violet: Lavender…A classic

Then I could work on writing letters…

always a fun thing to do with colored chalk and an antique chalk board. The green thing is a cute little pouch I knit to hold bits of chalk and it also doubles to wipe the slate clean.

Or how about start some dinner for Dick…I know he will cold, hungry and wet when he gets home…

How does fried peppers and steak sound with garlic mashed potatoes, and for dessert fresh home made ice cream with my own peanut butter sauce? How do you like the pan? It’s a new enameled cast iron fry pan…I haven’t decided yet. I was told by the tag hanging on it when it was given to me that NO metal can be used in it…So since I don’t have plastic my only choice is wooden spoons and spatulas…Clean up also wasn’t all that easy, but a bit of baking soda and vinegar and a good long soak the pan cleaned right up. I do love the color!

Mark, Son #1 has been working on restoring his 70′ something Blazer to drive around this summer season. In that process he comes in the house full of grease and says “hey Mum, got anything to get this gunk off my hands?” Well was that a loaded question..of course I do son, try this new soap off the curing rack, it has orange essential oil and ground pumice. Citrus oils are well know to cut grease and the pumice give a good scrub. Well he loved it and promptly took several bars to store in his truck for outside washing.

Also fresh off the curing rack is a lovely batch of Gardening soap with cranberry seeds to give a gentle scrub for more sensitive ladies hands. This also has the orange essential oil and is topped with pretty dried flowers & herbs topped witha rose bud of course.

And lastly I can dream about another rainbow! These are slabs of soap rolled up. They are the same scents as the loofah soap and so much fun.

How is your day going?

A cold Winter’s Day

After almost a month with no new snow, it’s snowing. We managed to miss the last 2 big storms that hit the North East. It’s sort of warm 32 but very damp feeling. For me it’s one of those days I just feel off. Partly because I spent half the night at the Emergency Room with our client who fell and injured himself, partly because I couldn’t sleep well and partly just because I feel cold with a chill today.

I wandered over to the soap shelf and picked one of these pretty bars of salt scrub soap to take with me. This one is Cottage Rose and is one of my favorite scents, with the lilac a close second. There is a whole new batch sitting on the shelf here and they are listed in the Country Farm Store. I like the label very much, I was playing around with my paper supplies the other night and rubber stamps. Cute isn’t it?

After I’ll put on my flannel pjs and wool socks and head to the kitchen to get dinner started. I’m thinking simple burgers with scalloped potatoes and green beans tonight. For dessert we’ll finish up the birthday cake from Daisy’s birthday party we had over the weekend.

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