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Win a $25 Holiday Shopping Spree

culinary lavender at llfarm.etsy.comWould like to share with you an offer we are running from 10/1/12 until 12/20/12. Would you like to win a $25 shopping spree in our Etsy shop? You can and it’s easy to do. All you need to do is promote any product from our shop on your favorite social network or website …. post the link into the comments below and be entered to win our monthly drawing!! I will pick 1 winner on 10/31/21 and 11/30/12, so you can shop away.

You can enter as many times as you would like, just post a new link in the comments below. Feel free to use any of our images you would like to, just right-click on the image and save to your computer.

Open to all, I will be happy to send your goodies to you, just keep in mind if these are for holiday gifts overseas shipping deadlines are November 30th and, December 19th for shipping in the US. December 19th will be the last day I will be shipping orders that need to arrive before Christmas, and will continue to ship orders with no guarantee. If you are in a super rush and would like me to send your order Express I will be happy to work with you to do that. Custom orders are still welcome but we should talk about the delivery schedule in the month of December.


Just now I am in the middle of a large wholesale order but will be back soon to tell you about my piccalilli making adventure.


Christmas in July

our Etsy shop is having a Christmas in July sale. Now is the time to start your shopping eary and stock up before the rush!

Our annual Christmas in July Sale, over at our Etsy shop. Sale ends 7/31. Now is a good time to stock up or start your shopping early.

The weather sure doesn’t feel like Chrismas! It’s in the high 80’s this morning and muggy. But our Etsy shop is celebrating…

Everything is on sale and there is no coupon code needed.

Just thought you would like to know.

So have you started your holiday shopping or crafting? I have not, it’s been so busy around here I haven’t even thought about what to put on the list.

I have started a new Board over at Pinterest for some holiday recipes I would like to try out. I’m liking Pinterest, for me its a fun way to save things I like and will get back to when I have the time. There is so much inspiration there. I would love it if you followed us. If you need an invitation I would be happy to send you one. Email me at  karyn (at) LizzyLaneFarm (dot) com and I will send along an invite, all I need is your email address.

If you are already in love with Pinterest, I would love to see and follow your boards, share your link here 🙂

A Moo Mini with a Huge Smile….and a little saving too.

My Mini Moo cards are here, well the first order of them any-way! I have more goodies to come. What? Well I’m glad you asked, Mini Moo cards are business cards that are half the size of regular business cards. They are called Moo Cards because the company that makes them is called Moo.

They are a fun, whimsical printing company that in my opinion far out shines the other on line printing companies I have tried. Believe me, after working 6 years in sales, production and office management in our local small printing company I have seen just a few business cards and have dealt with a few (most) of the other online companies. I can tell you off the top of my head the troubles with each of them.

Their prices are very competitive; their quality far surpasses many I have tried. The stock (paper choices) are few but the best of the best for colored printing. These cards are THICK, have a nice matt finish and the quality full color printing shows.

Moo has made the design and set up of your projects so EASY any one can do it and if you get stuck there is plenty of help available.

I love the sturdy fun packaging, I never thought there would be a fun way to box and package business cards, again I have seen a lot!, but Moo has done it. The box is sturdy enough for me (not the most delicate of people at times) to carry around in my back pack (this farm girl doesn’t carry a sissy pocket book). It came with these fun dividers that made me smile because when I opened the box and got to hold one of my new cards I thought neat mini trading cards, well that would be easy to do and use the box as a storage for all the other mini cards I collect. Not that I have any from anyone else yet but hope to.

Their packaging is made from recycled paper pulp and can again be recycled… and I very sure when my box is empty I have another use for it, it’s very sturdy and will last a long time. The paper for the Mini Moo card is sourced from sustainable forests, this makes me happy and although the company is based in England they are printed HERE IN THE USA, Rhode Island actually. These things make me happy and fit in well with our business and life style practices.

These Mini Moo cards are part of a promotion Moo is having with Etsy. The offer is 100 Mini Moo cards, you can have up to 100 different images/text for the front and the back sides will all be the same. Some reviews I read complained that there has to be the Etsy logo on the front side, but I just LOVE it and hope they continue to offer it after the promotion ends. The first 100 cards are free all you have to do is pay the shipping and I think it was around $5.00.

Moo is also currently running a Facebook promotion in where they will use your profile picture on the front side of a business card, the offer is for free printing and you pay the shipping. They also offer a promotion for 50 regular sized business cards with the Etsy logo on them, again you pay the shipping.

They have on their web site a wonderful gallery of ideas and inspiration, you should check it out. If you would like to purchase additional purchases while you are there or need to place an order for an item you have already designed and saved here is a discount code for 10% off your order. Save the code because you can use it again.

I ordered these not as a business card but as a thank you to our customers; they are going to make the best book marks. I wanted to share with our customers a tiny glimpse of our farm life and how wonderful simple living should and could be. The images are from around the farm and the back side has a bid of inspiration on them…. I am waiting for some new glassine bags to arrive and my order of Moo Labels. So if you are ordering from our Farm Store soon keep your eye out for yours…

Also for you here is a coupon code to our Etsy Farm Store for 20% off your order. Again save the code because it will work more than once. The code is SpringPlanting.

Feel free to share either or both of these savings codes.

Now it’s time for me to stop talking about cows and spend a little time with our horses, if I could only get them to help me pull down cob webs… They have gotten good at eating the loose hay off the floor and saves me a bit of sweeping. 🙂

Storing your dried herbs in canning jars and Free Lid Labels

Fresh organic herbs are one of the happiest things I can do for myself and my family. From choosing what varieties to grow, growing them, harvesting them, drying them and storing them. It’s an adventure I look forward to every year.

They can turn that same of baked noodle recipe that is a staple from our pantry menu into many exciting dinners… how with the use of herb of course! Say we want a spicy Mexican dinner, herbs and spices can do that and next week we want more of a traditional home cooked turkey I can do that too with my dried herbs. Same recipe to use our pantry ingredients but its the flavor that changes.

The storage of them is the key to keeping them fresh I think. While I have had some jars of herb for many years the fresh flavor does lessen over time and that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good, you just use a bit more for the flavor you want. I read all the time that after a year you should toss them out, hog wash! As long as they are still dry and haven’t been infested with insects, mold or other nastiest they are still very usable.

I store my herbs mostly in my antique blue bail top Ball Mason jars, remember the ones with the bail wire and the rubber rings? Yep, those are the ones. I like them because while they don’t block much light they do block some and every little bit helps. I happen to be in love with them and while they can’t be used for canning much any more they have a lot of life left in them. I also use old cookie tins, remember when you could actually get cookies in a tin and not a plastic bag? Check the yard sales, thrift shops and even ask your friends to save tins for you. They are perfect for storage of dry goods.

I store my bulk herbs are inside a dark wooden cupboard down in the cellar where its cool and the humidity is always just right thanks to the de-humidifier in the summer and the humidifier in the winter. I have smaller containers in the kitchen where I can get to them for cooking daily.

Herbs to have the longest shelf live possible need to be kept dry, well sealed and stored in a cool dark area. The cupboard above the stove is not the place!

As I’m sure you know I have been selling fresh dried herbs over at our Farm Store at Etsy. Recently I have had quite a few questions about storage for the herbs. My answer is how I store them, then the next question is where can I get the labels for the lids! 

 I had a few minutes of free time and have been wanting to make a few new canning jar lid labels. Here are the newest ones and you can find more free lid labels for both the regular mouth and wide mouth jars.  These fit between the screw band and the flat lid.  To save these or any of the others, simply right click on the image and choose save as to save it to your computer. You can print them at 100% scale one at a time or use a photo editing program to place many on the same sheet of paper and then print. Enjoy!

IF you are using them for sealed jars. These labels go on AFTER you have processed your jars, allowed them to cool, wiped them down and they are ready for storage in the pantry.  I thought I would mention this as one lady asked me how I kept the paper labels from disintegrating in the canner….woops!

For jars not canned and being used for storage simply lay the flat lid on the jar, add the label and screw down the band. Everything from nuts, chocolate chips, flour, spices and herbs can be stored well with out canning them. IF you are trying to store food such as fresh veggies, sauces, soups, meats they MUST BE CANNED following an approved recipe.

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