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A Moo Mini with a Huge Smile….and a little saving too.

My Mini Moo cards are here, well the first order of them any-way! I have more goodies to come. What? Well I’m glad you asked, Mini Moo cards are business cards that are half the size of regular business cards. They are called Moo Cards because the company that makes them is called Moo.

They are a fun, whimsical printing company that in my opinion far out shines the other on line printing companies I have tried. Believe me, after working 6 years in sales, production and office management in our local small printing company I have seen just a few business cards and have dealt with a few (most) of the other online companies. I can tell you off the top of my head the troubles with each of them.

Their prices are very competitive; their quality far surpasses many I have tried. The stock (paper choices) are few but the best of the best for colored printing. These cards are THICK, have a nice matt finish and the quality full color printing shows.

Moo has made the design and set up of your projects so EASY any one can do it and if you get stuck there is plenty of help available.

I love the sturdy fun packaging, I never thought there would be a fun way to box and package business cards, again I have seen a lot!, but Moo has done it. The box is sturdy enough for me (not the most delicate of people at times) to carry around in my back pack (this farm girl doesn’t carry a sissy pocket book). It came with these fun dividers that made me smile because when I opened the box and got to hold one of my new cards I thought neat mini trading cards, well that would be easy to do and use the box as a storage for all the other mini cards I collect. Not that I have any from anyone else yet but hope to.

Their packaging is made from recycled paper pulp and can again be recycled… and I very sure when my box is empty I have another use for it, it’s very sturdy and will last a long time. The paper for the Mini Moo card is sourced from sustainable forests, this makes me happy and although the company is based in England they are printed HERE IN THE USA, Rhode Island actually. These things make me happy and fit in well with our business and life style practices.

These Mini Moo cards are part of a promotion Moo is having with Etsy. The offer is 100 Mini Moo cards, you can have up to 100 different images/text for the front and the back sides will all be the same. Some reviews I read complained that there has to be the Etsy logo on the front side, but I just LOVE it and hope they continue to offer it after the promotion ends. The first 100 cards are free all you have to do is pay the shipping and I think it was around $5.00.

Moo is also currently running a Facebook promotion in where they will use your profile picture on the front side of a business card, the offer is for free printing and you pay the shipping. They also offer a promotion for 50 regular sized business cards with the Etsy logo on them, again you pay the shipping.

They have on their web site a wonderful gallery of ideas and inspiration, you should check it out. If you would like to purchase additional purchases while you are there or need to place an order for an item you have already designed and saved here is a discount code for 10% off your order. Save the code because you can use it again.

I ordered these not as a business card but as a thank you to our customers; they are going to make the best book marks. I wanted to share with our customers a tiny glimpse of our farm life and how wonderful simple living should and could be. The images are from around the farm and the back side has a bid of inspiration on them…. I am waiting for some new glassine bags to arrive and my order of Moo Labels. So if you are ordering from our Farm Store soon keep your eye out for yours…

Also for you here is a coupon code to our Etsy Farm Store for 20% off your order. Again save the code because it will work more than once. The code is SpringPlanting.

Feel free to share either or both of these savings codes.

Now it’s time for me to stop talking about cows and spend a little time with our horses, if I could only get them to help me pull down cob webs… They have gotten good at eating the loose hay off the floor and saves me a bit of sweeping. 🙂


A Lavender Gift Basket Give Away….

….over at Hardly Housewives! This basket includes Lavender goodies from our botanical shop over at Etsy. This gift basket includes Organic Lavender Cooking Buds, Lavender Salt Bar, Lavender Bath Salts, and our now famous Lavender Salve.


Organic Lavender Gift Basket


There are 4 ways to win this gift basket, and Jaisa tells you how:

1) First, go look through the LLFarm’s Shop on Etsy and leave a comment below with your favorite item from her shop… 

2) If you want another chance to win, be sure to “like” Hardly Housewives on Facebook here and leave another comment letting us know that you did (or if you already have)

3) Join the Hardly Housewives follower community – publicly follow Hardly Housewives via Google Friend Connect

4)… and for a last chance, add LLFarm to your “Favorites” on Etsy. 



I have had such a great time reading Jaisa’s blog and her excitement over food, my kind or girl! She is a Mainer (a person from the state of Maine) so she KNOWS good food. She is going to be making some Lavender Scones. This should be a great recipe so I will keep my eye out for it. I just love scones warm with melted butter and honey.

Stop on over there she has nicely posted our Farm House Lavender Lemonaid! Since it has been fairly warm here the past few days and the trees have started to bud out if FEELS like spring so I made a large pitcher of our lemonaid to celebrate spring.

Also while you are there check this oven mit out! This is my kind of project and so timely. Mine has a hole burnt right through the thumb! AND I picked up several pretty bath towels from the thrift shop just the other day. Now if I only could get someone to sew it for me… Not in the mood for the treadle machine lately…

I have had such a great time working with Jaisa that I hope/am looking forward to doing another give away with her.

Stop over at Hardly Housewives and in the comments let Jaisa know I sent you!


Also wanted to mention a few new ways to check out what we are doing around here.

Our new Organic Botanical Shop  -Most but not all that we offer are currently available there. There is also a brand new soap/herbal blog there to save you all from the over excitement and love I have of herbs and soap. This is a new format for the blog so I am still getting used to it, but there are a few posts.

Our Etsy shop -stop in there for specials and bulk orders of our soaps, salves and of course our Organic Herbs. We are running an Earth Day Sale from now until May 5th on every item in the shop!

Our Facebook Page Facebook/LizzyLaneFarm Botanicals -something new I am trying out. I’m not very good at the social media thing yet so keep that in mind when you stop over.

I’ll be back soon with the excitement of the new indoor mini green house we have and a peek at the seedlings…


Take care…


Pantry Update..going very well

I spent some time straightening up the pantry recently and taking new inventory counts. In looking at our remaining meal plan days and the quantities left in the pantry I would say we are right on track for most items. 

Since I finalized our list a couple of changes have happened that I didn’t count on and this leaves a few items such as the very lean red meat, chicken and pork on the low side. This is due to a change in the menu because we had to adjust Dick’s diet a bit since the meal plan was finished.It will work out because I just traded a bunch of our ground hamburger for some nice pork roasts. Friends of ours are up to their ears in pork. They put 2 full grown pigs into their freezers this fall, and she was more than happy to make the trade for a bit of red meat.

Tarts made of fresh raspberry soap

We are a bit low on the home canned soups. This is because I it is so easy to open a jar of soup vs cooking an actual meal when I was so tired I couldn’t see or think straight…homemade convenience food is a wonderful thing. I will be making another few batches and will get the pressure canner out again. Of course the ingredients will come from the pantry and I have new lids here that I bought on sale at the end of the canning season last fall. End of the season sales are when I stock up on canning supplies.

Guess who just turned 5!
Guess who just turned 5!

We have another new food plan in the works and it is a joint effort to produce meat for both farms. This is a promising adventure for both of our families. I know others in the past have tried it and have run across problems and the venture ended badly. Yet I also know families who do it year after year with no problems. Our families have worked together, been friends and raised horses together for years so I don’t see any problems for us.

I’m not sure this will save any money in the long run but the purpose here is to have the quantities we need and the quality I want. This will divide the labor a bit and spread out the costs of housing the animals. Around here pigs, chickens and turkeys are seasonally grown so neither of us will need to worry about caring for them over the winter.

We are working out the details:

At the other farm- they will raise for us 1 additional pig. We will be buying the feed and be paying for the processing in the fall for this. Then we will be trading with them most of our bacon and hams for the roasts and chops that better fit our diet.

At our farm-we will be raising turkeys and meat chickens. We don’t have the quantities worked out yet but their family is as large as ours. I know the chicks have to be bought a dozen at a time.

When we were first talking about the turkeys the first though was how on earth are we going to eat 6 full grown turkeys over the winter! (Assuming we will split them evenly.) Then I thought how on earth would I find space in the freezer for 6 large birds. You see I was thinking roast turkey, thanksgiving style…But then it dawned on me, we have a meat grinder! We love ground turkey and it will take much less room in the freezer and can even be canned in jars. Problem solved, ground turkey works just like ground beef in so many recipes and turkey Dick can eat. Another plus is with the intention of grinding the turkey we won’t have to worry about the messy job of plucking feathers, the bird can simply be skinned and the meat ground… Piece of cake….

She got new ice skates!

She got new ice skates!

Other plans are coming along too. This week I will be starting the layout for the garden and ordering our seeds. In a few weeks it will be time to start our seedlings. This is always an exciting time to have a bit of something growing when there are feet of snow covering the garden. Actually just now I can’t even see the fence around the garden because the snow is covering it. My inventory count will come in handy once again when deciding on how much of each crop to plant.

And lastly I started the list for the coming canning season. New this year and I will need to find the recipes for is beef stew, chili and turkey stew. I also know that I will not be canning so many quarts of potatoes, the pints are a better size for our family. The canned potatoes have come in quite handy for tossing into soup and even work like “instant potatoes” for topping one of our favorite dishes, Shepherd’s Pie, so easy. I heat them, mash them then top off our casserole, no peeling or cooking needed, they are already cooked. More “convenience” food!

Tarts and tea

Writing Practice with lines-Pre-letter writing

Here is the second set of cards we have been using this summer. These are basic line shapes. A practice sheet for pre letter writing. Daisy also has been working on actual letters, the letters in her first name, but I find that these help  improve her control over her marker (Pen, pencil). I am working on making more because they really do help.

These have gotten a lot of use and I think it is because they are quick to keep her attention, she mastered them quickly and she enjoys the colors and pictures of things SHE is interested in. I know most girls would want girlie things maybe flowers, dolls or something. But ask Daisy what she wants and she tells everyone a new tractor, a new egg basket, or a new halter for her horse. No frilly dress or fancy dolls. A tractor to play with in the sand box makes her happy.

Actually you can see her latest favorite tractor just behind the box of markers. A tiny little John Deer tractor she bought with her money she saved from collecting soda cans from the park. We took them to the recycle center and she earned 4 dollars that trip.

That turned out to be a great experience for her. She learned a lot from it. From keeping the park clean, to recycling and earning money to spending the money for something she wanted. It was a fun afternoon and something we will do again at some point.

Again I printed these out on card stock added a second sheet to make them sturdy and laminated. These I had wanted to cut apart and use in a tiny flip book but the size turned out just right because they are easy for her to hold on to. We use washable Crayola markers and a damp rag to wipe them off.

If you are looking for more here is a great place to find some.

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