A Weekend of Canning

outside temp. at 10am I should have started earlier in the morning.

I had put this project off for over a week now, it’s been so hot I couldn’t bring myself to start the stove. But if I didn’t do it over the weekend it would have to wait until next weekend and by then the green beans will be ready and I would be so far behind…



This spring I planted a 4 x 6 foot area of Bulls Blood beets. 17.25 pounds I pulled and canned. I never took the proper time to thin them right so some were huge and others very small. I’ll get the area cleaned out and reseed with more beets for a fall harvest.

I like Bulls Blood pretty well for canning because they seem to hold their color a bit better than some of the others I have tried. Detroit is my choice if I’m going to pickle them, that’s what the next batch will be for.

I ended up with 14 pints of beets.




Next up was a project I have been wanting to try for a couple of years now but the radishes never cooperated. Late in June I planed French Breakfast Radish under the tomato and pepper plants with the hope there would be plenty to make relish with, I think I succeeded with that goal. I have another pile of these radishes just as big. These and Belle are my favorite for flavor and looks.  My goal was to make radish relish. I pulled all of them and set out to make the relish.






The recipe I have calls for onions and no one here at the house likes onions so I replaced them with carrots. Daisy and I have tried a new to us variety called Dragon.  Dragon is a pretty carrot, being purple on the outside and orange inside. It should make a pretty salad or relishes. I only pulled enough to make what I thought would be 2 cups of shredded. So there are more to can and eat fresh.







They are very pretty and grew well in the new raised bed we set up last year just for carrots. It is extra deep so the carrots would grow long and straight. This week it is also time to put in another batch of yellow wax beans, peas, broccoli. Of course more radishes, I would like to make another couple of baches for the holiday season. I have several of the Ball Elite jars saved for this gift giving project. With this heat I’ll have to put up the row covers and use some burlap to cover the seeds. This will help in keeping the soil cooler and moist so the seeds don’t dry out.

I don’t have a summer sink set up yet, I’m still looking for an old cast iron one that I can use. Until then I use the hose and the table just outside the garden. This saves on the amount of dirt coming into the kitchen and going down our drains.



So what did you do this weekend? How is your garden growing?








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