Happy Monday

It’s a wonderful hot and sunny summer day around here. It’s in the mid 90’s, with wispy clouds and blue skies!

I have spent a good amount of time today talking to people for work, a few friends and customers have called or emailed and I think the theme for the day is IT’S HOT!…

I say to this well, it’s SUMMER it’s supposed to be hot~ 🙂 Don’t crab about it because before I know it in 3 short months the wind and snow will be blowing again.

I had a “now why didn’t I think about that sooner” moment a few days back…

starting lettuce in hanging basket

A few weeks ago I was planting lettuce (that didn’t come up) and had a handful of seeds left and tossed them in these empty hanging baskets. When they were large enough I transplanted them to the main garden. It worked like a charm. I have never had much luck sowing lettuce directly into the garden they came up spotty at best, with lots of wasted space.

The extras I fed to the chickens for a treat. I reseeded them with lettuce seeds again.

fresh strawberries

Daisy and I went to the strawberry farm and picked the late strawberries. We had fresh strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream and the rest I made Jam with.



We picked blueberries too. These all went into the freezer.   It was hot and very muggy so we gave up after we picked about 4 pounds. Blueberry season is just starting so we have time to go back again.


Hope your day went well!



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  1. HI K,
    So nice to see the new look and your pictures are just as great as ever!! So nice to see and read your posts again! I am envious of your garden and what you have growing up there!

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