Happy 4th!

our 2012 edition 4th of July soap scented with farm fresh NH blueberries

our 2012 limited edition of NH Blueberry soap ready to celebrate the 4th!

We are taking a few days off today and until Thursday to celebrate, rest up and visit with friends and family. A mini vacation at home 🙂

I finished a batch of these up just in time…The are a limited edition so when they are gone they are gone….

Our Fireworks Guest Soap scented with mouth watering, farm fresh blueberry.

Here is what the listing has to say about it…

I love to celebrate our Nation’s Independence and this is our July 4th fireworks bar soap. What says America any better than stars, stripes, the red white and blue and fresh summer blueberries?
Our fireworks bar soap has all that, each star has embedded into it red and blue stripes and is packed full of the scent of fresh New Hampshire blueberries, warm and ripe in the field just picked from the bush and nestled in your basket….

iced lemonade scented a huge bar of our farm fresh natural soap

 I’m also enjoying this mouth puckering bar of soap called Iced Lemonade. These are our Farm House bars that weigh in at 6 ounces, a huge bar that rolls in your hand nicely the first time.

And I will spend some time enjoying the garden that is slow to start this year. I have been so busy I just got everything into the ground and what has been planted is just starting to take off. We have been enjoying our fresh lettuce, radish, beet tops and eary peas…

Have a wonderful holiday.



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  1. Love the soaps! I am not that talented,though. My soaps are just just big old chunky bars,but they do the job! Glad to hear from you again,my NH friend!

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