Charlie Brown Chestnut Tree

Charlie Brown the Chestnut Tree

It’s busy around here and many of the little things are left undone, the raking we started to clean the fall’s leaves off the garden and lawn have all blown back on worse than they were, there are many trees and broken branches from the winter ice storms that need to be cut up and hauled away, beds need to be mulched with composted manure and turned, the blackberries need staking again and the list can go on. I have had to learn to look the other way lately and do what I can get done and leave the rest. Priorities you know.

Every so often the smallest things make me the happiest. This year’s gardening is full of happiness for me. The new little green house is growing beautiful little plants, and I can hope for the bountiful harvest they will provide us for the coming year to fill our pantry. I repotted some of the tomatoes that were leggy and falling over, watered them well with a seaweed fertilizer. In a few days they will look much better as they start new roots along to stem in the dirt. I have more than I will need but they will come in handy for trading later in the season.

The peppers are doing very well. I had to reseed several flats of them with new seeds as the first set from saved seeds several years old did not germinate.  Oh’ well you will never know if you don’t try.

One of the biggest is Charlie Brown, the Chestnut tree I started from a nut/seed last year. It grew well and when fall came I knew that bringing it in the house was the wrong thing for it, so I buried the pot and covered it with leaves and said goodby until spring. We had a winter of no snow cover so I feared the worse for Charlie, those winter winds can be a killer.  But look he’s back and doing good as ever.

It’s also raining again today and this makes me very happy. The horses are loving it too…The chickens not so much they haven’t come out of their house all morning. 🙂

What’s happening in your garden that is making you happy these days?


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