Chocolate Beauty Peppers


So I was out raking the leaves that have blown back into the front lawn and the perennial flower bed along the stone wall on Monday. What I time I was having too…giggling to myself at Daisy playing in the bone dry empty veggie raised bed and I turned around to continue raking and bam walked right into the rugosa rose bush that is now taller than I am. Not a good thing, this bush is a pricker monster, not the big thorns but the fine little I can barely see them thorns. Dozens of them in my cheek, arm, leg and then my fingers when I tried to unstick the monster from me.

Ouch, I headed to the front step to sit down pull prickers out and a wasp flew up my pant leg and stung me! What a fun time…indeed!

Well today is Saturday and I have suffered all week with prickers festering in me I can’t see to get out and hurt for something so tiny. My ankle so swollen I can’t find my ankle, red swollen, burning and itchy wasp sting.


I did manage to get a few of the bigger pepper seedling transplanted and back in the new indoor greenhouse. I like it very much. I have for the past couple of years been wanting one I have seen on line but couldn’t bring myself to pay the hefty shipping on it. Our local feed store has just opened up a new store close by and I just had to check it out. YES, just like the one in Concord, I LOVE but only visit a few times a year because I hate driving that far. So the little greenhouse came home with me. I soon discovered I still needed extra light in there and priced some of the little under the counter led ones I have seen. Not in my budget this year and still I needed lights. An idea came to me or should I say the light went on… my sister gave Daisy a few strings of the old style Christmas light. You know the big electric sucking ones. Well I strung them up in the greenhouse and they are working like a charm! They will do until I get the ones I really want.

So far I have started several varieties of green peppers, it is my mission this year to grow decent peppers. Ours have grown but not in the quantities I need to last until next season. They are Chocolate Beauty, a dark chocolate colored sweet pepper, King of the North, and Bull Nose sweet peppers. For hot peppers I am trying Georgia Flame, simply because it has a short growing season and I like the name, it reminds me of my Father whom lived in Georgia and I always looked forward to a trip to see him. I guess I am missing him more than usual lately. (I also have my eye out for another Teasing Georgia , own root Austin Rose.)


My hope is to purchase a small portable outside pop-up hoop house to grow the peppers in. From what I have been reading peppers do very well in hoop houses. I would like to build a large hoop house but again its not in the budget this year. Also the hoop house I have my eye on can be taken down in the fall and stored away until next year….And I don’t think I have the time on my LONG to-do-gardening-list this year, yet want peppers.

Do I dare finish up the raking today? The weather forcast calls for rain…na’ think I will build a puzzle or two with Daisy and bake a few cookies. That sounds safer that the wild front door yard and an untamed Rugosa.


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  1. Sounds like a rough week. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I am so glad to see you back posting! I’ve missed it 🙂 Looks like we are going to get a good dousing of rain tomorrow,some spots may see up to 4″. Finally!!!

  3. Hi Donna,
    I have missed it too… Everything is calming down and warming up. For us its been a long dark cold winter. 🙂

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