A Lavender Gift Basket Give Away….

….over at Hardly Housewives! This basket includes Lavender goodies from our botanical shop over at Etsy. This gift basket includes Organic Lavender Cooking Buds, Lavender Salt Bar, Lavender Bath Salts, and our now famous Lavender Salve.


Organic Lavender Gift Basket


There are 4 ways to win this gift basket, and Jaisa tells you how:

1) First, go look through the LLFarm’s Shop on Etsy and leave a comment below with your favorite item from her shop… 

2) If you want another chance to win, be sure to “like” Hardly Housewives on Facebook here and leave another comment letting us know that you did (or if you already have)

3) Join the Hardly Housewives follower community – publicly follow Hardly Housewives via Google Friend Connect

4)… and for a last chance, add LLFarm to your “Favorites” on Etsy. 



I have had such a great time reading Jaisa’s blog and her excitement over food, my kind or girl! She is a Mainer (a person from the state of Maine) so she KNOWS good food. She is going to be making some Lavender Scones. This should be a great recipe so I will keep my eye out for it. I just love scones warm with melted butter and honey.

Stop on over there she has nicely posted our Farm House Lavender Lemonaid! Since it has been fairly warm here the past few days and the trees have started to bud out if FEELS like spring so I made a large pitcher of our lemonaid to celebrate spring.

Also while you are there check this oven mit out! This is my kind of project and so timely. Mine has a hole burnt right through the thumb! AND I picked up several pretty bath towels from the thrift shop just the other day. Now if I only could get someone to sew it for me… Not in the mood for the treadle machine lately…

I have had such a great time working with Jaisa that I hope/am looking forward to doing another give away with her.

Stop over at Hardly Housewives and in the comments let Jaisa know I sent you!


Also wanted to mention a few new ways to check out what we are doing around here.

Our new Organic Botanical Shop LizzyLaneFarm.com  -Most but not all that we offer are currently available there. There is also a brand new soap/herbal blog there to save you all from the over excitement and love I have of herbs and soap. This is a new format for the blog so I am still getting used to it, but there are a few posts.

Our Etsy shop LLFarm.Etsy.com -stop in there for specials and bulk orders of our soaps, salves and of course our Organic Herbs. We are running an Earth Day Sale from now until May 5th on every item in the shop!

Our Facebook Page Facebook/LizzyLaneFarm Botanicals -something new I am trying out. I’m not very good at the social media thing yet so keep that in mind when you stop over.

I’ll be back soon with the excitement of the new indoor mini green house we have and a peek at the seedlings…


Take care…



Posted on April 20, 2012, in Crafts, Free For You, Herbs, Lizzy Lane Farm Bonanicals, Tutorials. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Right now my favorite item is the Yarrow salve because that stuff kicks butt! Especially on but bites. Wipes them right out, it’s my little miracle salve.

  2. I have long had LLF as a favorite shop on etsy.

  3. I liked the Hardy Housewives

  4. I’m now following the Hardly Housewives.

  5. A fun blog isn’t it Robyn. Love That Hound Dog… but then again I LOVE ALL hound dogs. Esp. Our Dalton, the lazy Beagle. 🙂

  6. I like white-willow-bark-dried-herb-1-ounce in LLFarm on Etsy.

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