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Many have commented on my absence these past few months. Honestly I don’t know where the time went! I have been making an effort to spend my time in the moment and enjoying what “is happening” and not trying to depend on list and deadlines. I really became obsessed with my lists and feeling not so great when one of these lists didn’t get done when I thought it should. This happened because I had too much on my plate to ever finish.

The garden is nothing to write home about this year and in some ways been a disappointment, but there are a few triumphs as well. The tomatoes I picked all green off the vines this week and ended up with enough (maybe) to make a batch of relish with them. Bust for the dehydrating plans. The zucchini another bust, not a single squash so far this year from 8 tiny and embarrassing looking plants.  Oh’ well I know where there are some begging to be given away. All of our tomatoes this year have been the same, overflow from other gardens. I swapped seeds and soap for a good amount of slicing tomatoes. I have also been able to share our garden with a few friends who don’t have a garden at all and it was well appreciated. So what is seen as not good to me is a bounty to others, it all depends on how I look at it. It has also provided us with many hours of enjoyment on so many levels.

 I have been successfully feeding the turkeys and chickens daily with veggies grown just for them. Success for this plan! They are so large now that on top of all the veggies they will eat they are going through 2 bags (80-100 pounds) of organic grain a week. We estimate them to be around 25 pounds and they are headed for the freezer in another 2-3 weeks.

I have done no canning at all and don’t plan on doing any this year. We have some left from last year both canned and dehydrated to pull us through, I think. If not I will have to change our meal plans to fit what we do have on hand. The joy of having a well stocked pantry. Remember we are going into our 7 months of eating from our food stocks and pantry. Last year went very well and I didn’t see much that needed improving so my list was basically the same quantities. An easy project to finish on time.

My view this morning while having tea in the garden

I have had the dehydrator running all summer with bits of herbs and veggies as they came ready. The quiet hum of the fan is comforting to me. Last year was the first year I got serious about this project and it worked very well all winter for us. It also took less storage space. If you can believe it a single quart canning jar will hold around 9 average sized yellow neck summer squash. Try to fit those all in a jar to freeze or can. Not that anyone would want to can them…

These days have been filled with thought of the garden, stocking our pantry and most recently Daisy’s school. We have started our new school year and it so far is going very well. We have several units planned that are seasonal rather than what a list some where says we should be doing. Just this week we are making a tree journal and finding ways to cover all our subject needs. We have been enjoying time with some activities she is finally old enough to do. On the list over the winter is Daisy Scouts, ice skating lessons and for the fall soccer. We will see how she feels about them and what comes along for the winter.

How is your season going?



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  1. I hope she enjoys Daisy Scouts, and I’m glad to hear that you have been enjoying your time. 🙂

  2. I think I have only commented once or twice before but I feel similarly about the lists. I am a compulsive list maker and they can sometimes become a burden. I think I might try going list free for a while and see if it makes any difference.
    Your pictures are lovely and it sounds like a great season even if the garden wasn’t as cooperative as you would have liked.

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