It’s Labor Day


The final official weekend of summer a time for most to be on vacation and enjoying their time with their families. Ours is no different, we will spend most of the weekend at home but one day we will head of to the local fair to watch the horse pulling and meet up with old friends we haven’t seen since last pull.

Its a time to be picking up summer equipment, closing up camps and swimming pools. A time most start to pull up their gardens, after all garden season is over. Isn’t it?

I just a couple of weeks ago sowed more beets, carrots, broccoli, radish and lettuce for hopefully a nicer fall garden than our summer one turned out the be. I will spend a day adding compost, adding some tubing to the new raised bed for some covers and see how long the bed will continue to grow for us.

I said to myself I had enough pickles left from last year that I wasn’t going to do any more but you know, I was picking cucumbers, green peppers, green beans this morning and before I knew it I was in the kitchen making pickle brine for refrigerator pickles. Geesh. 6 jars later I reminded myself I wasn’t making any this year.

I’ve been busy dehydrating summer squash to use in cooking to use over the winter and to feed to the chickens. We have not picked a single zucchini this year! After planting seeds 4 different time the zucchini plants are just starting to flower, so I hope the warm weather holds out a few more weeks.

The turkeys are now around 25 pounds and I have started looking around for a butcher to process them. Two are sold already and we are keeping 6 of them. The temporary pen we put together for them has worked well this season but I am thinking next year we will put up something more permanent for them and add a few meat chickens and pheasants.

Miss. Daisy started her first day of Kindergarten this week. She was very excited and road on the school bus for the first time. This is the official start to her school career and while I think the school will be helpful this does not mean we will be stopping our home schooling, this will continue and I have talked with her teacher to see when the units she has planned will be started so I can continue them at home with our own projects and studies.

Plans and progress are well under way for our eating from our pantry months. I feel I am a bit behind and hope to catch up soon. I will need to make a few trips to the Farmer’s Market to gather tomatoes, celery and a few other goodies to get our canning started for the season. The tomatoes this year didn’t do much and not a single one has even started to ripen yet, most are still in blossom…A very strange year here.


Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back soon.


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