A busy Summer so far

Time flies buy so quickly it seems. At the start of the season I made a list of things other than work/farm related I wanted to get done. The list is going very slow seems there is always more work to do that time to have fun these days.

We did manage a day at the circus. Right off I would like to say I am not a fan of any circus because I hate the way the animals are made to live. Yes they have a job to do and that means hours and days locked in their cages riding down the road to the next stop.

I wanted Daisy to see this at least once so we built a week long theme around this. We talked and looked at some of the conditions these road animals had to endure. Talked about the groups who look out for their well being, (PETA) and how this carried over into many parts of our lives we don’t often think about. (animals in the movies, zoos, circus, fairs ect.) We explored and thought of both sides the good and the bad. She decided that her horses LIKE to ride, train and work that an animal with a job in the circus might be just as happy as her horses. She decided that long trips day after day would not be so much fun they should have exercise, fresh air and sunshine. “No one likes to take long car rides, especially when you have to use the bathroom.” Daisy decided this too.

We talked about the hours of training for the animals, the kind of life a person living on the road would have and how it is different than our own. We read about the different kinds of animals and where they first came from, what kind of special training the performers (animal and human) had to have and the hours of practice they must put in each day.

We started the day bright and early to watch the big tent being put up by so many workers, equipment and the highlight was to watch the elephant pull up the center poles.

Great team work, you could tell they have done this a few times.


up goes the first center pole

Daisy wanted to ride the ponys and the camel. I was impressed on how clean, healthy, and well cared for the workers, equipment and animals were. There were nice pens that allowed the animals to move around and a person right there to pick up the messes as soon as they were made. Some were getting a bath and others were resting in the shade. The workers that could speak english were friendly and interacted well with the kids answering all their questions.


"Mom, Camels are a bumpy ride, and I held on tight!"

good girl! heals down, sitting straight, and looking where she wants to go. She is turning into a good little rider.

Daisy liked this pony because it had stars and watch eyes.

After the tent raising in the morning we went about our day here at the farm and that evening went back to see the show. She was amazed at how in such a short time that huge empty field and tent was packed full of seat, rides, games and people.

My camera was being naughty that night so I don’t have many good pictures of the show itself. We had a good time and Daisy decided she was going to teach our lazy beagle, Dalton how to sit on his back legs and bark like the ones in the show did. (I think to myself that WOULD be a great trick just to get him to move, never mind do a trick)… She has gone through a box of biscuits trying and he is getting fatter an still no trick to show us. I think the trick is still on us, this dog got a box of biscuits and didn’t have to do anything special to get them other than give Daisy some love.

Some how we ended up with front row seats.

We still have a bit more studying to do about a few of the animals, there is still time summer is not over yet. We have another trip planned to the zoo in York Beach, ME. That I think will be an overnight trip so we can also spend a day at the beach while we are there. Remember the shell collection on the kitchen table? Daisy wants to find new ones to add to it. She also wants the chance to identify shells as she finds them with her shell books she has.

Also on our non- work- fun- summer- list is a few more cookouts and bon fires, a day at the lake and a trip to do some school shopping. Kindergarten starts in a few weeks and Miss Daisy is very excited to meet some new friends.

The tent was beautiful

I’ll be back with more to share soon. I’m off to weed in our non-productive garden. All the gardens in the area are doing badly this year. I’ll get some pictures up of the knee high corn all over with tassels on the tops. You know the old saying “Knee high by the 4th of July”? well not this year my friends, things are just starting to flower, weeks late. Last year this week I was putting up pickles and was up to my ears in cukes, this year they are just starting to flower and run.

Cathedral in the Pines. What a great day for Sunday service outside. We drove almost 3 hours to get there as another day trip.

Have a great week 🙂


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