A few moments in pictures

Time around here seems to fly by and before I know it I have so much to share and talk about with you. Well today is one of those times and my post was long. So I decide if a picture is worth a thousand words then a few pictures would cover it all.

 The Rugosa roses I planted a couple of years ago. They were stunning for exactly one day then the rain came and turned them to mush. Oh’ well there is always next year.



Packing a quick lunch for a day at work. My work days have increased to 3 days a week now.  This week I started my meal planning for the coming winter months and a list of the pantry supplies I will be needing. This I work on while at work a little bit here and there. Buy the time fall rolls around this project should be done and most of the canning and stocking up well underway for our next season of eating from our pantry.




Our latest discovery center. Sea shells we have collected. Daisy is finding this unit on the sea quite interesting and we have a couple of field trips planned including a day at the beach, a few days fishing, and a trip to the aquarium in CT over the summer.

A few new knit facecloths have been listed in our Etsy shop. I have put the knitting away for the season and have been working on gardening projects. That’s the fun way of saying I have been planting the kitchen garden and weeding the flower beds.

Della our Delaware hen has decided she wants to hatch some eggs and is refusing to leave this nesting box. I’m hoping to trade a few of our eggs for some from a friend who has our old Black Java rooster. Seems her girls are laying we just don’t know exactly where they are laying their eggs….

The 6 chicks have been moved to their summer home in the back side of the chicken pen. The turkey chicks are still in the cellar under their heat lamp and seem to double in size overnight.

Daisy had to say goodby to her favorite tree at the preschool but promised to come back for a visit. She is off to Kindergarten in the fall. It was a nice short, sweet but loud graduation for her.

Enjoying a new batch of bath salts/bath tea. This will be in our Etsy shop soon, I’m just working out the packaging details.

Hope your week goes well.


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  1. The roses look gorgeous – I love that purply colour.

  2. My rugosa didn’t like the weather. It bloomed a bit, then stopped and put up two new 3ft. canes (seemingly overnight!) and now it is getting ready to bloom all over again. So, you never know…

  3. I just want to tell you how much I love that photo of Della, she looks beautiful….all fluffed up and proud too.

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