Late Spring Garden update

It seems to me that Spring around here is not going to be a Spring as we know it. It had been rainy and cold and overnight it went to Hot & Humid with black flies and mosquitoes.

We are enjoying our first spring radish and baby spinach leaves from the garden. I never did get the early Broccoli to sprout and I planted seed twice. I started the summer garden over the weekend. I would go out and plant a bit then come into the house out of the hot sun. So far I have an entire bed of carrots, half a bed of bush beans for our first planting, a second will go in when the bed of radish is gone. The other half is broccoli. There are more beds to be planted in the Kitchen Garden and the Tomatoes need to be put into the gardens by the barn.

I have in my notes from our food use over the winter that I could have used more carrots…for soup and there were a few hints left that the carrot relish was missed. So I planted more this year. Last fall I made corn relish and never did get the carrot relish made, so the corn I canned was hit hard and we only have around 12 jars left for our summer cookout season. We gave out quite a bit over the holiday season and we have enjoyed it on the dinner table all winter long.

one of the new chicks-a Black Sexlink

The herb bed is struggling, the chickens have dug it up three times now! That only lasted for a couple of days and now they aren’t going near it. Hope it was because there were tasty bugs in there they wanted and now they are all gone. Needless to say I had to go out and buy starts of herbs if we were to have any this season. Its to late to start from seed now. I think I did okay with this, I checked each pot and counted the number of plants in each. Some had only 2 plants and some had 4 in the same pot. Guess you know which I brought home with me. This is a good example of taking the time to look them all over to get the best value for the money being spent. Some  were in 6 packs and only had 4 plants with 2 of the cells empty. I couldn’t help myself and had to point this out to a woman who just grabbed the first one her hand landed on, it happened to be one I had rejected…

I missed the spring violets this year for making jelly. It was raining and the blooms all turned to mush then as some new were opening Dick decided to take advantage of the dry weather and started the lawn mower…there went the violets and the first good bloom of dandelions… To make up for this I will have to double up on the berry jams this summer or over the winter make jelly from bottled juice.

Today will be laundry day and I hope to get the shelter and pen up for the turkey chicks that will be here in a couple of weeks.



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  1. I love this site! You’ve inspired me to make my own now. I have 1 Black Java and 1 Mottled Java, and an empty incubator 😦 I can’t wait to fill it with beautiful Java eggs! I don’t think anyone is delivering them this time of year.

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