A few days off

Puppa kicked all the tires and Daisy went behind him to check them herself

Easter has come and gone and I sure hope you all enjoyed the holiday with friends and family. Here we did and spent the day with close friends cooking and eating more than we should have. A wonderful do nothing important day.

These do nothing days seem innocent enough but the truth is I don’t get to do nothing. My mind is always working to figure out the next project on my want to do list. This last do nothing day my friend and I spent an hour or so in her chicken coop and pen talking about her birds and I kept taking mental notes on how she does things. Well one thing let to another and we got on the discussion of boiling those farm fresh eggs. I mentioned to her about steaming the eggs to get them to peel easy. I was surprized to hear she didn’t know this, she is so smart and is full of great information.

Miss. Daisy and I took some time to go riding in the truck with her Puppa. We just had a short trip up to the log yard but what a good time we had. We sang songs and told knock knock jokes. I must be getting old because I couldn’t remember many of the ones I used to know. We stopped for coffee/juice and a donut on the way home.

The tomato seedlings are now ready to be transplanting into larger pots and are looking pretty good this year. I have 147 at the moment, mostly Roma for sauce and a few Brandywine for eating. I hope I don’t kill to many of them this year. Last year I went out for the day and forgot they were out in the bright sun got a bit burnt up. Woops! I have about half of them transplanted so far. I do a few as time allows.

And lastly I finished up washing all the curtains and windows in the house. I even did the ones in the cellar. Now to start on building the garden beds I will be needing very soon. It’s just about time to start the snow peas….

Have a wonderful day.


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  1. Hi I need the trick about steaming the hard boiled eggs to make them peel easier, this has been a big subject around our house in the past few weeks, would love to know the secret.
    Thanks much!

  2. So Sorry Valery,

    Guess I forgot to mention it. The trick without having to use 2+ week old eggs is to steam your eggs for 20 minutes. They should peel easy.


  3. Hello dear Karen

    Thank you for the egg steaming advice. It will be useful even with the bought ones I get.

    I hope your springtime preparation leads to bountiful crops come summer and beyond.

    Michelle, downunder in Wellington, New Zealand

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