I’m feeling quiet as I finally catch up and wait quietly for spring to arrive. There is another Nor’Easter coming in tonight to dump spring snow on us….again

A week in review

We went out for a ride and almost ended getting shot at for stopping in the middle of the road and taking this picture. The “back woods Gentleman” was perturbed I took a picture of his property, he was very suspicious and wanted to know exactly why I was taking pictures of his property…makes me wonder what is actually going on there…

Asked Son #1 to bring down the saw horses to start the spring seedlings for the Summer Kitchen Garden. Looks like spring to me 🙂 ?

Miss Daisy nibbling on graham crackers for an afternoon break from school work.

A review of our sight words this week. 

Spring Butterfly, Bumble Bee & Dragonfly in Sweet Pea, Blueberry and Jamacian-Me- Crazy… Sitting pretty in our bathroom on one of my favorite Depression Glass plates. The pattern is called Ribbon.

and lastly this one Daisy took of her favorite kitty…Dudly

Hope your week is going as well as mine is.


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