So have you had one of THOSE DAYS lately? Mine was yesterday and by the end of the day all I could do is laugh about it and hope today would be different…

It started out that I had to leave the house at 6:30 am to pick Miss Daisy and Son #1 up at the doctor’s office. Miss Daisy had a sleep test done…any way this is my home town I know how to get to where I want to go, well usually I do, while driving I realize I forgot to turn down a road and found myself almost at the drive way to the job I no longer am working at. Seems at that time in the morning I was on some sort of auto-pilot. Whoops, turn around and go the right way KARYN. Geesh it’s not like you have never been to the doctor’s office before, you were just there at 7 last night.

I pick them up and once back home I now need to actually get ready for work. While doing this I decide my bangs are driving me nuts and I should trim them a bit. All is going well until a snip sends dozens of tiny pieces of hair into my eye. Man did that hurt, so I stumble into the other bathroom barely able to see because of the tears in my eyes to dig out the first aid box with the eye wash cup and saline solution to get the hair out of my eye. Good, my eye still hurts but at least it’s not watering like crazy and it a bit better… Oh’ ya’ I need to finish getting dressed, pack my lunch box and fill my travel mug with tea and don’t forget the puzzle for the lady I care for (she loves to build puzzles).

That is a 4' fence and the snow banks are really that high still

Now it’s time to go and I run through the house to hand out my hugs, kisses and good wishes for the day to all who are shaking their heads at me. You will find out why in a second…

I made it to work after fighting my way up a mud filled road and driveway. And first thing I’m asked to help catch several loose ducks before the neighbor’s dogs find them and so the police department will stop asking if they are strays or do they live here and are they being fed okay. How did the police even know they were loose to begin with, this house is on the back side of a mountain and you need to be a goat to get there? Never did figure that one out….No problem… in a short time they were safe and sound back in their pen. Me on the other hand who rushed out of the house in sneakers this morning had wet feet for the day. By now you must realize I like to plan and for some reason my extra pair of shoes and socks that BELONG in the back of the car are well…not there, but I did notice everything else is well stocked and in its place.

Later in the day I head into the bathroom and glance in the mirror to see how my eye is doing because it still hurts and I can’t believe what I see…my bangs with one side clearly longer than the other. Seems I forgot to finish trimming them in my rush to fix my eye and get out of the house. How lovely I looked, and no one said a word about it, thank you my family for not saying anything!

I had the treat tonight…Dick cooked steak and cheese grinders for dinner. Nope didn’t end up with Farm House Buffet, that’s okay dinner was wonderful! Any way I’m just settling down to check email for the day and the phone rings, its Dick and he says in THAT tone of voice, put your boots and jacket on and come up to the barn, and hangs up. Well I panic wondering what’s wrong…I toss my just heated rice pack on the table ( A great comfort for me is to sit with a warm heated rice pack on my lap, I’m cold blooded) and slip on my rubber clogs (not the boots suggested to me) and as fast as I can head to the chicken coop. Dick tells me, I know you would be very upset if your favorite chicken, Della, disappeared. Della is the only Delaware bird we have left and the only one who actually has a name. It seems that she decided to roost on the snow plow tonight and not go in the coop with the other girls. No problem, I walk over to her, pick her up and set her in clean shaving in the coop to join her bunk mates already pecking away at the bread ends Dick tossed to them. I decided to ask why he didn’t catch her and his reply was “I thought you wanted to say goodnight to her”. Love the dry humor my husband has some times. At this point I realize that my rubber clogs (no backs) are now filled with sloppy mud filled snow and slush. Wonderful, I think to myself, my feet are wet and freezing for the second time today and I was just getting warmed up.

Dick get that tractor warmed up, you need to plow again....

I took a hot shower, finished trimming my bangs and settled down for the night with my rice-heating pad on my lap and a warm cup of tea. Let’s see how today goes shall we?

There were good parts to my day too. One was when on my way home from work I stopped to see a close friend and she gave me several Florida fresh oranges to take with me…She is just back from a 3 weeks vacation. I missed not seeing her for so long.

Life is so simple sometimes. J Hope you have a wonderful day. I think I will play it safe and spend the day cleaning my desk or a closet or something…. I do need to work on updating my household notebook, that might be safe, a pencil and hole punch I can’t get into too much trouble with. Can I?

I know the calendar says it spring now, thought I would share with you today pictures from my first day of spring and how beautiful it was. The color of the trees filled with ice and snow against the sky filled with storm clouds on their way to the ocean was just beautiful. The colors you see are exactly how the morning sky was at the sun rose.


 ….I asked Daisy this morning to check the thermometer for me…her answer to me is “I don’t really know, but there is ice in the bucket, so I think it’s not spring yet”….




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  1. Oh boy, yes I do know how those types of days go. Mine started this morning with my excitement about it finally being Friday…..big disappointment since it’s Thursday! Love Daisy’s response about Spring – too cute.

  2. Ah yes, we all have those days where we just can’t get out of our own way… I chased a buckling that escaped from the baby pen around the barn for ten minutes this morning, only to get him in, close the door and realize I’d put him in with the calves instead of where he belonged! Woops!

    Spring seems late in coming this year – I agree with Daisy!

  3. I was sorry to hear that you lost your chickens and I you to know how I made out with my java chickens. I got 8 mottled hens and 4 mottled cocks as chicks from pervett hatchery in new mexico. I am not sure how to spell the name but if you look online you will find it. out of the 8 hens, 5 of them are black and 3 cocks are black as well and that was the best !!!! I when you get them you have to get 25 chicks so I got 3 breeds of the chickens and when they came they are the biggest chicks I have see from a hatchery and I love them all !!! 5 of My java hens are trying to go broody, I say trying becuse I only have 3 nest boxs so I had to make more boxs, so if you get them make sure you have a lot of boxs becuse when 1 go’s broody, they all go broody.

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