New Gardener’s Soap

For those of you who have been asking. I finally finished the new batch of Gardener’s Soap just in time for the spring gardening season. I can tell you it gets plenty of use around here all gardening season. I keep a bar of it up at the barn, in the kitchen and down by the water hose.

These pretty pastel white, yellow and mint green bars are packed with 10X orange essential oil and rosemary essential oil. We use orange oil to remove dirt, grime and general sticky messes. Added to these bars is a good amount of ground pumice and cranberry seeds for the extra scrub you will need when cleaning up after digging in the garden. You can get your own bar from our Etsy shop.

While we are on the subject of spring and gardens we have been playing in the tub with these spring frog soaps. Daisy is having a ball with them. They are also listed in our Etsy shop.

I started a bit of spring cleaning around here and got the walls, floor, curtains and shower curtains washed in the big bathroom. I decided to open a package of our Organic Dryer Sachets since I used the dryer this time, I needed to get the room done so I could start spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight. I’m glad I did the room smells so nice…

Also keep your eye out for an upcoming spring cleaning sale I am putting together this week. And don’t forget our free shipping offer, use coupon code BACK HOME for free shipping in the US.

I made some progress on the layout for the kitchen garden. So that makes me feel better. Boy are seeds addicting and the collection around here is growing quite large. I should come up with another way to organize them other than my old broken down shoe box…I’ll try and remember to add that to my list. 🙂

…and I started a batch of tomatoes cooking for spaghetti sauce for tomorrows dinner. Last summer I just ran out of steam when I was canning sauce so I took the last few tomatoes and froze them whole. Today I plopped a bunch in the crock pot and will let them cook down. Tomorrow night I will run them through the food mill and finish making the sauce by adding a few herbs and putting it to simmer again in the crock pot for dinner on Tuesday night. It’s pretty easy to do and doesn’t take all that much attention from me while cooking.

Hope you weekend went as well as mine did.


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  1. The soap is beautiful! Looks like pistachio pudding cake. 🙂

  2. Hi I got my soap yesterday in the mail and oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it smells so fresh!! and it makes my hands so smooth…
    Thank you so much!

  3. I’m so happy to hear this. It is one of our favorites around here.


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