What a weekend!

What a weekend….

The weather warmed up into the 40’s and it rained all weekend. Our first adventure brought all of us mending fencing for the horses. The snow has been so deep and dry that the fence had grounded out and the darlings decided to play with it and ripped huge sections of it down. So we trodded through waist deep snow to fix it as best we could. It took a few hours and we were wet and cold. At least it is working properly and now they have no interest in touching it.

Chocolate mint Macaroons

There were places where the 5 foot high fence is so buried in snow that all they had to do was lift their foot inches and simply step over it to chew on the tree bark. No amount of electric fencing would help with that because it is all buried IN the snow.

Sunday we took a road trip to a camper show. There is no intention of us getting a camper it was just a chance to get out of the house. Wow was that place packed full of people. I was surprised to see the prices of them. They have been drastically reduced yet they were selling. Many had sold signs on them.

Is it possible that people have started spending a bit for items that aren’t overly inflated in prices? Most campers were discounted 5-8 thousand dollars. That people at this point are tired of staying home and are looking for inexpensive alternatives so they can continue to vacation? In talking to a few of the campground owners he says their sales for their camp sites have been increasing over the past couple of years and the reservations have already started for this season. The camping season won’t start until mid June? Now who will be able to afford the gas prices, I hope they go back down before travel season hits, if it doesn’t I can see hitting families again and their new campers will be sitting home.

When I got back after a nice day doing not much of anything with Dick I found the house clean from top to bottom and everything put away. It was wonderful! Sorry to say I messed up the kitchen when I pulled out some soap supplies to organize and get put away on a new rack for storage. I’ll fix it all up and make it pretty again when I get home to pick up my mess. It was late last night and I left for work early this morning.

Almond Mararoons

I made small progress on the garden, by pulling out last year’s garden note book and started the plans for this years garden. I will need to pull out the seed box and take a good inventory of what I do have and what we will need. I put on Mark’s to do list to add a couple of raised beds for this year. This will finish up the kitchen garden, as last year we didn’t take full advantage of all the space available there. A couple will go other places around the house that have been on the to do list for a few years now. Actual seed starting will be around the 28th of this month and into April. This will be exciting.

The process of planning the garden is exciting for me in that Miss. J will be learning for the first time this year from start to finish. She helped with the harvesting, seed drying and canning last year and this year will show her the starting process so to say. I see it as a cycle with no start or end, but it will close the circle for her. I think what I will do is show her the seed catalogs and ask her based on what we grew last year what she would choose for seeds this year and the reasons why.

Daisy will also have the chance to add her input because last season was the first she started to grasp some of what we were doing and the reasons why. It all started to connect with her that the carrots she so much loves were the result of the seeds she put in the ground earlier and were the same she watered and watched every day. She understood months later that the canning jar of carrots on the counter ARE her carrots SHE grew and now SHE is eating them, and loves them.

There may be feet of snow on the ground but things are starting to grow around here if only in our minds.

So how was your weekend? As good as mine I hope.



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