Potatoes A Convenience Food?

Well farm style…. I’m not talking about store bought frozen dinners or prepackaged food here. Well yes I am talking about prepackaged food only the packaging is farm style! I mentioned a bit about it in my last post but it got me to thinking about how much of the food around here can be just that…made for convenience when there is no time or energy to cook yet still eat healthy.

 New canning jars-now full of pizza sauce

The return of a pressure canner to the farm has been so helpful. I don’t know what I was thinking when I gave my other one away. Well yes I do, I thought here is a family much larger than mine and could use the help more than we could at the time, so I gave it and all the jars to them. To replace them ended up to be quite a bit more money then when I originally had purchased mine well over 20 years ago.

I put up all sorts of produce from the kitchen but recently one of my favorites has been the potato. Yes, potatoes, our family eats a lot of them and loves them. The pressure canner cooks them while they are processing so they are ready to go when you need them. There is no peeling or cooking needed. Fast, convenient and they sure beat the instant out of a box that taste like water and cardboard. The dry instant potato does find its way into our pantry as well.

Here are a few ways we have been using them lately:

  • Mashed to top casseroles
  • Toss with seasoning and breadcrumbs roasted in the oven-drain and rinse them first
  • Added to soups and stews
  • Fried in a pan with dried herbs from the garden-drain and rinse them first
  • Mashed for making potato pancakes
  • Heated with butter and sour cream

I think for our family growing potatoes is good to teach Daisy how to grow them and the resposibility of caring for them. It’s good for her to see and be involved with the food she eats from seed to her plate and the processes to get them there.

The lady bugs like them too...

Since our garden is small I will grow a small amount of them but the bulk will come from the farmer’s market for putting up to bring us through the winter next year. This year I have planned some sort of finger potatoes to grow since they are more costly at the markets.

So do you have other ways you use your home canned potatoes in a recipe?


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  1. Hash browns
    Potato salad both cold and german
    cream of potato soup (i know you said soup and stews in your post)

  2. Well, Well, it is so nice to see you back at it again K,
    Your blog is an inspiration for mine K, your pictures are always so nice and so nicely illustrate your postings!!!

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