Feeling Myself Again and Back On Track


Pretty Lavender Sachets in our Etsy Shop-Click the photo to go to the Farm Store

Thank you all for you emails of concern over my noticeable absence. As you know I took a second part time job just before Christmas and the schedule I was trying to keep along with work here at the farm and a house full of 7 people left me spinning, very stressed and tired with no time for anything fun.

I came to a point where I needed to make a change and fast. I would come home at night and not want to interact with the family, do any household activities I love, all I could do was wash up and go to bed to get up in the morning and start another stress filled day. I was down right grouchy all the time and could not give anyone or activity the careful attention they/it deserved.

I made the decision to give up that second job. I came home shut the front gate and did absolutely nothing demanding for two weeks. I slept in, spent time at the barn, worked on some new soap. I spent an entire day just playing with Miss Daisy and the animals. I took time to visit friends that I haven’t seen in months and most importantly I found the routine for my simple life I love.

I am happy to say the gate is now open and I am back to working 2-3 days a week for the same family I was. I feel much better and am once again enjoying day to day life here at the farm.

I will spend today working on a set of activity cards using the sight words. You see Miss Daisy can now see herself as a reader and is interested in words and not just simple letters. We moved the book case to a special spot in her room and filled it full of books she in the past had no interest in. Very exciting!

I also will finish up a few tags I have been working on for some new fun spring/summer inspired soaps. As always our Etsy shop is open and does have a few new fun things in there. I have not updated the Country Store at Blogger and probably won’t for some time. These past couple of weeks I have been enjoying the Lavender filled Dryer Sachets and the Lavender filled organza bags. These lavender stuffed bags I have tucked all over the house. I love the healing power of lavender.

I wish you all a wonderful fun filled day.


Lavender Dryer Sachets. Click on the picture to go to our Country Store.




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  1. It’s good to know you’re looking after yourself and feeling better. {{hugs}}

  2. I knew you were terribly busy Karyn and just want to say it is so lovely to hear from you and that you have made positive change for yourself.
    Much Love. x

  3. Karyn,Glad to see you are back! Sometimes we need to step back when life is overwhelming and take stock. Good for you. We have missed you,though!
    Snowing here in Middleton…I think we both are in the up to a foot area.

  4. I missed your chats about your daily doings, and am sorry to hear it’s been a stress filled time. But good you’ve been able to make some changes that work for you all, and lovely to have you back on your blog.

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