Beautiful pie made from stored apples, yummy!

This past week while I was at work the “Farm Team” joined together and finished off my Fall to-do list! Just in the nick of time it seems. It’s spitting snow again this morning. It feels good to toss that list away and to know we are officially ready for winter. I have been worrying about it for the past couple of weeks knowing I don’t have time to finish it up myself and would those responsible for the task complete it and complete it the right way….Giving trust is something I need to work on it seems.

The stacking of the lumber pile that got torn apart a couple of weeks ago to build the small roof off the end of the carriage shed. This now holds the lawnmowers and gas grill. The goal was to just get the roof up and we will worry about the sides and a door in the spring when it warms up…. Check those 2 off the list.

The storage shelfs for the full canning jars has been sorted through and reorganized. Now everything is much easier to find…Check!

Window washing…The plan here was to wash the screens and both sides of the windows. This I guess will take a bit of practice. If the sun isn’t shining you can see out it…So this one gets 1/2 a check because the screens look great! No worries I washed it again and we had a good time laughing about it. It was a good opportunity to teach this important skill.

This beautiful organic soft neck garlic still sits on the counter waiting to be planted. It should have gone into the ground the first of Nov… The ground is now wet and cold. All I can do now is hope for a warm enough day to plant it without freezing my hands off and hope for the best. Don’t think that will happen so I will find something to do with this garlic before it all sprouts.

The most exciting project to be completed over the weekend is one that comes from an ancient list….way back when we were building the house 10 years ago! That is a closet shelf in Daisy’s room. When it is done there will actually be 2 shelves in here with a short dresser under them. Plenty of room to hold out of season clothes and toys not being used.

Two girls and their toys in one room, was a bit of a challenge at first but they have worked it out and act like best friends and sisters now. They get along for the most part but like sisters can have an outburst or two now and again.

Here son #1 and Dick are work hard, or should I say having a hard time working because their bellies are full of warm apple pie and homemade ice cream after eating their lunch of pot roast with roasted carrots and potatoes. It’s not always an easy life around here, is it?

Of course Miss Daisy had to build herself a place to supervise the project. She even sang them her ABC song while they worked complete with music…7 or 8 times….I had to laugh when I heard the guys pleading, please sing another song Daisy, please.

Lastly I would like to give thanks to the ladies who work so hard every day to provide us with these wonderful eggs. Do you see the size of that egg! The rest of them in the carton weigh in as extra large/jumbo on the egg scale. This one bottomed it out. When I cracked it open for breakfast it had 3 yolks in it.

Daisy decided she should eat that one because she was the one who carried it to the kitchen from the coop. You got it girl, and she ate the entire thing along with 2 pieces of toast with our homemade raspberry jam.

No worries, we washed it off well before cracking it open. This tell-tale smudge tells me cleaning the nesting boxes should be added to the list.:) If the nesting boxes are kept clean with hay, shredded newspaper or sawdust the eggs arrive to the kitchen sparkling clean.

I think I am catching the hang of having so much help. I put away the laundry this week that was nicely folded and stacked in a basket for me and It didn’t bother me that it all wasn’t exactly the way I would have folded it.

I have gotten over the frustration of having my cupboards rearranged and never the same twice. Now I holler…Jess where is the ____? you fill in the blank. She always comes running with a smile on her face. This was hard for me, very hard. The kitchen has always been mine alone and I could work in it with my eyes closed knowing each cup, bowl and spoon was always in the exact same spot. I think this trade-off is well worth the joy I have standing side by side with her while cooking a warm healthy meal for our family.

A pillowcase I just finished while at work.

Thanks Farm Team! I promise when I get home this afternoon I will make that peanut butter fudge you asked for over the weekend.


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