Chugging Along

It has been some time since I have had a chance to post. All is going well and we are all settled in to our winter routines now. The house is full winter provisions and family. Its a busy place lately and I just am loving all the extra help.

We will be starting our 7 months of eating from our pantry in the next few weeks. But truth be known most has come from there for the past couple of weeks already. The menu plan I worked so hard on seems to have flown out the window already, I’m not the only one cooking these days and who am I to tell anyone willing to cook a nice meal it has to be what I decided months ago….not me silly, no way, no how! The meals are rotating around so I think it will all work out in the end.

Christmas gifts are all but done, I have 2 cradle purses to crochet for Daisy and Mark’s Girlfriend’s little girl. Crochet I have not done in a very long time so I will need to do some reading up on it first. I have 2 baby doll blankets to knit and 4 sets of slippers then I am done, well ahead of schedule. I get my knitting done at work during the week. How luck is that!

Speaking of work, my elderly couple are doing wonderful these days and in the next week or so I will be starting work part time at our local County Nursing Home. Not exactly sure when, the state seems to painfully slow.

Craft fairs are in full swing and I have been enjoying setting up at them and the season is going well. Better than I expected it to be. There are many new soaps in our Etsy Shop for the holiday season. These photos were taken at last weekend. White table cloths are not my idea of pretty county but they were supplied and is what everyone had to use. I felt really bad for the lady who was trying to sell white embossed greeting cards on her table. White cards laying on white table cloths does not draw lots of attention.

Soon I hope to share with you a very yummy peanut butter fudge recipe I hope you try in the next few weeks. Packed in a pretty box it makes a nice simple gift and is always well liked.


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  1. I have missed your posts,glad you had some time to do so,busy lady!!! 🙂 Sounds like all is well in your neck of the state,glad to hear it.
    Your Fellow New Hampshire-ite……Donna

  2. Hi Karyn…….your table looks wonderful, it’s so colourful, I can imagine it attracted plenty of attention.

    Nice to hear you’re settling in well for winter, while we’re gearing up for summer, the first of many hot days to come today.

    All the best


  3. i bet that soap smells as good as it looks:)

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