It’s Coming

This morning I decided to take the camera with me for my morning chores. It’s a cold and cloudy day and on my way I kept thinking it sure does smell and feel like snow.

Things are covered with frost. The rest of this swiss chard should be picked before it goes bad.

These will be mush later in the day. So it’s time to send them to the compost bin. They were so pretty all summer and brought lots of color to the garden and helped keep the buggies away from my tomatoes. Not a single horn worm on them this year. I couldn’t believe it!

On my wish list since we moved here 10 years ago has been this double looped fencing. I think I have clipped and saved every photo I ever found of it. I just love it and think it fits in nicely with our home. I want to use thick white posts to put it up with. I see it at many of the old farms around and while it can be bought new for a fancy price, the antique fencing is much thicker and has way more character to it.

Friends of ours dropped this roll of antique fencing off. I have been admiring it for years at their farm. It ran along a section of the horse pasture. Over the summer she decided to move it and use it to hold in her ducks she had. Sadly they have flown away, for the winter I hope. But I know deep down they will not return in the spring.

So she rolled it up and brought it to me. Can I say I was more than tickled and very surprized she would part with such a nice section of fencing! Donna you are a dear! I already know it will be replacing part of our kitchen garden fencing. I am hoping it will do the entire area but I don’t think it’s long enough.

I found this tiny leaf tucked inside it this morning and it made me happy and I thought you will be covered in snow before too long little leaf.

I finished up the chores and headed back to the warm house. I had breakfast waiting for me there. I stopped dead in the road to see flakes, tiny little flakes drifting down from the sky. HA, it’s snowing I knew it would.

Now I don’t expect it to last or amount to anything, but none the less it’s snowing before Halloween this year. The Old Farmers Almanac said it would. I just love it when it’s right. Did you know the Old Farmer’s Almanac is printed and published right here in the Granite State and always has been? In a little town called Dublin. It’s a sister publication to the Yankee magazine that is so popular. If I remember the gossip they are celebrating their 75th year.

Anyway feeling pretty good on this cold morning I came into the house to have cereal and toast with a cup of my herbal tea I was also feeling pretty special since a recent Etsy find brought me a few pieces of dishware. The same pattern my Grandmother used at our camp over in Deerfield while I was growing up. Brings back many, many happy memories for me. I just love them! I still have a few pieces from her set but sadly most disappeared some how.

I also noticed the pattern looks a bit like a snow flake and the pattern is made by a company called Marcrest and is called Swiss Alpine. Guess that is why it’s called Swiss Alpine…

After a bit of checking around it seems this will be a very easy pattern to collect. The large serving bowl at the bottom of the bowl pile was found at the Goodwill for $1.00 many years ago. That is good since the other pattern I love is a green depression glass called Ribbon. Pretty hard to find, after 20+ years of looking I only have a few small dessert plates… I know the world of the internet and there are some to be found there but I like looking local it’s all part of the hunt.

And last before I head off to work for the afternoon, I found a new pizza crust recipe I am going to try out for dinner tonight. This makes me happy too.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


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  1. Snowed here too in Middleton,off and on all day.Amazing how we can tell just by looking at the sky that snow is coming! The Farmers Almanac called it!
    I must mulch my strawberries this weekend. Night time temps are starting to get down there.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You are a lucky girl. I too long for this fencing. I have pages folded down in magazines and spot it one our travels. To me it is so warm and welcoming. One day I hope to be as lucky as you.

    Thank you for all your bloging it is one blog I find not only enjoyable but so helpful. Today is laundry soap making.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Oh my – chilly frost! I had to wear my jacket today for the first time. I had previously been wearing one for morning chores only. I do love the smells and flavors of fall though, so I’ve been patiently waiting for this season.

  4. Loved this post! Thanks for taking us along!

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