I have a new canner and I’m out of room

It was an unusual spur of the moment decision for me. I usually take weeks and weeks to decide to buy something or not. I actually have had the canner I wanted all picked out for several months if not the past year. Just never got around to ordering it, I think it was the cost of the shipping that kept holding me up. Geesh I just want a canner shipped not pay someone’s retirement for the next several years.

Anyway, the summer garden turned into the fall garden and the last of the potatoes and carrots were pulled up and sitting here in the kitchen for a couple of days in my way. I was going to freeze them until I realized the last load of hamburger I added to the freezer left no room for not another single item to fit in the freezer. So they sat another day while I thought things over. I tried several of my friends to borrow their canner with no luck, theirs are boiling away on the stove.

So desperate I hopped into the car and hit every single store in our area where I thought there might be a canner for sale (Really hoping the one I picked out was around). I found exactly 2 models in town, both are Presto and not the All American I want. One was a 21 quart but some how works without a pressure gauge, the other a 16 quart.  Feeling frustrated I decided on the 16 quart so that I would have a small one around for smaller canning jobs, and brought it home.

Just as I was finishing up the potatoes and some of the carrots I ran out of jars. So I sent Son #1 to the store for more. He returned with the last 2 cases of quarts the store had. Yeah for me! This activity also got me to straighten out and make more room for the new now full jars. It felt good to sort through a shelf or two full of boxes I had no idea what was in them. After a quick look decided since I hadn’t missed the treasures these boxes held I didn’t need them. They took a trip to the dump into their swap building. I hope they all find new homes. What ever actually was in the boxes I don’t really know.

This delemma also got me to thinking about storing food for our 7 months of eating just from our pantry. I had thought I knew all the answers until reality hit and the freezer is packed full and so is our pantry cupboard. I mean full I couldn’t fit another bag of anything in there if I had to. So my thought was what will I do when my other storage areas are full to the top and I have more to put away. Well some things are now stacked on the floor in plastic buckets, another storage closet that held winter gear now holds some of it. The winter gear was looked over very carefully and a good half of it was given away. Why did I really need 2 sets of snow shoes for myself, I only can use one pair at a time? I was saving them thinking some day they will come in handy.

For the time being there are cans of coffee sitting on the side of each stair going down into the cellar. There is a tall tower of paper goods looking for a home. It is all TP, we use very little paper towels and don’t use any other paper products. 

 I also need more plastic buckets. Well I have the buckets they just need to be washed out and I need to purchase new lids for them. Time to go into over time and get this all sorted out and put away in the next few weeks. Time is running short for this project. Work will be shutting down for the winter very soon and that is when our pantry will be called into service.

I know I promised you a list of pantry items and I still am working on it. When my computer crashed last week this file showed up missing. So back to typing it all out again. Good thing I keep a hard copy of my household note book as well as on the computer. Soon it will be done again.

To answer all of your concerned and many emails. All is well here at the farm. While you all know summer is a busy time, fall is even busier it seems. There is a huge list of things to be done around here before the snow flies both inside and outside the house and in the barn too. My work keeps me from home 40+ hours a week lately. So when I am here computer time is far and few between other projects going on at the same time. But all is good and running smoothly so far.

I’m not sure there is time to create many new holiday soaps this year. The fall ideas I had will have to be put on hold until next year, but I am thinking and have started a few for the Christmas holiday season.

Thank you for the kind words to our distraught rooster. He is looking much better and actually made his way to his new home this morning. It didn’t take him long to say hello to the new girls and before long he was showing them his best dance he could muster after the adventure in the back of the truck. I think he will be fine. Now to go back to the General Store and explain why there was a rooster crowing in the back of the truck. The girl working there thought she was hearing things and I didn’t have time to stop and explain to her under the tarp in a cage was a rooster…and why on earth I was taking a rooster for a ride early in the morning. 🙂

I’m off to pick up the mess from today’s work. We cut brush back from the side of the barn all afternoon, so I will be using my head flash light to put everything away. It’s dark here so early these days.

Hope your day was as enjoyable as mine was.


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  1. Well I am certainly behind the times K, I don’t know if I knew that you got a pressure canner or not!!!! Yes I know what you mean about not the All American, one day it will come to you and me both!! We may be to old to lift it thougth!! ha ha


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