A Day Off

On my way to work. This doesn't make it all so bad.

Sugar Maples on my way to work. This doesn't make it all so bad.

I’m home today from work to take care of a few things around here. It’s been a long hard stretch of work the past couple of weeks. Seems there is a run on the elderly in our community having surgery. The phone has been ringing off the hook and I have been putting in 12 hour days.

Thankfully Son #1 and his girlfriend have really stepped up and have been a life saver around here. They both jumped right in and took care of what ever needed to be done or a request a frantic phone call from me brought. Everything from trips to school, grocery shopping (Huge lists), caring for the animals, cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Mark has a good solid knowledge of how things are done around here and his girlfriend is enjoying learning all about farm life. She is smart and learned quickly not to wait for someone to tell you what to do. See something that needs to be done-just do it. Her homemaking skills are increasing and she wants to know more. I am blessed to have them both!

This clutter of a day in progress was all gone when I got home with the projects completed and put away neatly. Now I just want to know what Dalton is looking at…the horse running loose down the driveway again? That’s another funny story of a  new farmgirl who is not to sure about horses and her adventure to catch one running away, because it pulled shenanigans and escaped from the barn while she tried to put it in for the night.

Look at the kitchen table full of projects in progress!-canning, herbs ready to dry, school work, coupons, yeah!

I am in the process of taking on a part time job at our local county nursing home. This is a long slow process with criminal back ground checks, long lists of references and several interviews to go through. It’s a part time job and the hours will fit in nicely with my private care clients I currently care for.

Returning to work full time plus some was not on my list of goals by any means but it has come at a good time for our family and I am thankful for the opportunities it has brought to us.

A nice basket of Thyme ready for drying
A nice basket of Thyme ready for drying-work continues even when I’m not here

Our Leghorn rooster is headed to a new farm this weekend. I love the big guy and he is sweet as far as roosters go. BUT the girls don’t like him and chase and pick at him non stop. One day he escaped the pen I put up for him and he was a bloody mess when I found him. Apart from the cuteness factor I have no use for him, he is not the breed of birds I want here so I don’t want him for breeding. I could put him into the freezer but honestly the mess of processing a single bird isn’t all that exciting to me. So off he will go and I hope his new girls will treat him better.

New canning jars-now full of pizza sauce

Carrots are on sale this week ($1.99 for 5 pounds) so I brought home 35 pounds of them. I will make a batch or two of carrot relish and the rest will go into the freezer. They are on my pantry stock up list for our 7 month no shopping time. I’ll get an update on that posted soon, time is drawing near for that to start. I’m making progress but not there just yet filling up the pantry.

I have a special order of soap to get out and I will sort through the soap draws to get ready for a craft fair I have coming up. Speaking of soap I am going to give a new site a try. It is on the line of Etsy but it’s just for us farmgirls. I’m very excited about it, with a wonderful country feel to it. There will be places to read about the farms and the people who run them. Its called Farm Girl Products USA. It is expected to be up and running by the end of the month. I will let you know.

Taken from the Farm Girl Products USA front page:

This is a place where a Farmgirl shines and is recognized for her many talents. It is plain to see she is smart, creative, determined and fun. She lacks nothing…but more time! Our Great Nation was built on the backs of small farms from sea to shining sea.

The Farmgirl is at the heart of it all and no one can deny her this. She learns from generations past how to be self sufficient. Her work goes according to the rhythm of the seasons and she is proud of it. Her homestead might be 500 acres of rolling wheat fields or a backyard garden in the middle of town…but she remains true to her kindred spirit. Her heart tells her that beauty is in rainbows, mountains, woolly lambs, fresh strawberries on ice cream and the crisp clean feel of sun dried sheets.

These places and things represent the simple life…and she invites you to join her there. Farmgirl Products USA strives for a bright future where we can all bring our neighbor a piece of apple pie and sit to talk awhile.

I also want to quickly mention that I am still paying the shipping for any soap order from our Country Farm Store or our Etsy Shop. Several of our readers have taken advantage of this.

Lastly I will spend the day with Daisy. She is home from pre-school feeling under the weather. It’s cold this morning, the sun is out and the trees are glowing with their fall color. A perfect time for a nice walk.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


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