Fall is here

In a nice sort of way. The weather has been warm and sunny. Although the last 2-3 days it has rained and been cold. I don’t mind since last week the rose bed on the side of the house got the better of me. It has been driving me nuts all summer. I was overgrown, the perennials had their own ideas and the roses themselves suffered and grew very badly all summer… Just not bringing me happy thoughts when I looked at it. This bed is full of my favorite roses, Distant Drums and I never thought they wouldn’t make me happy, but it happened!

So…Son #1 helped me, we pulled every last plant out of there, raised the stone wall a bit and added a brick border to match the other one I put in last summer. We added some nice new soil and compost, a bit of lime and organic fertilizer. Some of the plants found their way to new homes both here in the yard and to friend’s yards.

What the girls did while the construction was going on

Next I decided to move a bunch of the herbs I had scattered around the yard into the raised bed across the front of the house. I have been using this to grow things like radish, spinach, Calendula, cat nip. I’m happy with the look and I think the herbs will like the heat coming off the foundation. There is still room to sneak in the radish and other small plants.

I was amazed this small project took all day long. But any way the rain helped the plants settle in before winter hits and hopefully all will do better next summer. There is already a couple of new cane shoots poking their way up through the soil along side of 2 rose bushes.

So now “the mumma is happy” and I am glad fall has arrived, you should see the trees!

Part of the changing of the seasons comes the cold and flu season. Seems almost half of Daisy’s preschool class mates are out sick. Daisy and I are home today feeling under the weather with a cold.

We have the tea out and are taking it easy playing board games and spent some time watching the chickens scratch in the newly turned soil. The garlic bed was also turned over and compost add to it last week. When I’m feeling better I will put the garlic in for next season.

There are tomatoes still starting to ripen. I have been putting them in the freezer until they are all ready and I will make sauce and pizza sauce with them. We ate the first of the Yellow Brandy Wine tomatoes and they were delicious. I think I liked them better than the Kellogg’s Breakfast we had earlier in the week. Though both were good.

all finished, taken just as it started to get dark.

I also took some time to update the Country Store and our Etsy shop. There are some new soaps, bath biscuits and a set of wool coasters there. I added a special on shipping too… Hope you have time for a quick look.

I have a couple of local craft shows lined up for the upcoming holiday season. I’ll post about them when I know more for those of you who are local to us.

I’m looking forward to returning to the craft fairs. It’s been such a long time, just couldn’t fit any into our schedule over the summer. Which is a bad thing since here the craft fairs run in the summer months and shut down just after Christmas until spring.


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