7 month no spend-part 1-why

Treasures from the second hand shop last week

A couple of days ago I mentioned I was taking a final inventory of our pantry, freezer and supply shelves. We are a few short weeks away from the start of our no shopping months. This will be from the start of November until the end May. We call it around here Using Our Pantry.

This year will be our trial run where I have a budget to fall back on in case I over looked something. Next year will be the start with no budget at all during this time. The reason is Dick is headed into retirement and during this time of the year our income will be his Social Security and my part time job. There will be a few odd jobs that come up in the mean time for us but we are not counting on that. That income will be put directly into savings.

So for us this means our income will allow for basic monthly expenses we can’t (or maybe won’t) do without.

  • electric
  • phone/internet/cable (all the same company)
  • heat (A huge expense during this time)
  • car and house payments
  • savings
  • property taxes
  • income taxes
  • insurance

The budget has been gone over several times and we feel comfortable that we can stay within in without problems.  You need to keep in mind our budget doesn’t include credit card payments, college tuitions or lots of other things your family might have to consider.

We for a reason are staying away from heath savings plans, 401K and a few others. Our goal is a simple savings to draw on when needed. We can’t plan on these programs to be in existence or functioning in the future. History and future predictions show they won’t be available and many will or have lost their money with these programs. I’m a simple girl, it’s mine and I will keep it safe right where I know it is and can get to it when I want to. 

Now you might be thinking to yourself why bother with this when it is just as easy to save the money for groceries all summer and spend it over the winter. Well around here the cost of food especially fresh food goes sky high over the winter. Most is shipped in from other parts of the country and even from other countries. I want local and the best I can get for our family while keeping the cost down.

So the solution is to purchase it while it is in season-being fresh and less expensive. Something I think has become a thing of the past with most, yet our grandmothers and great grand mothers knew this all to well. Actually they didn’t have a choice it was either put it away now or go without. There were no tomatoes from Mexico or frozen chicken from who knows where. Their food came from their own back yard or they didn’t have it.

There are no gardens to grow from November until the first of June, everything had to be put up either in canning jars, the root cellar, dried, fermented or salted. Our garden did well this year considering it was the first year where it is now and most of it is safely stored away for the coming months. It will help greatly in our food budget.

So next time I will share with you a little of the how. Until then here is an interesting article for you to read. A prediction for the coming year? The national news talks about how much better the economy and unemployment are this year, but around here that’s news to us. Most I talk to think it’s worse than last year and don’t expect next year to be any better.


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  1. Im really looking forward to reading part 2 xx

  2. Best wishes for your adventure. I know I can do until late January but after that the craving for fresh fruit and vegetables are so real and so southern states shipped to Canada. realistically I know if it were just Dearest and I we could do this but with kids still at home. Naw couldn’t happen unless we starve.


  3. this is very interesting to me and I can’t wait to read more. I’d like to become a stay at home mom and quit my job. To be able to do something like this for seven months might just help us accomplish the task.

    One question that comes to mind — what about perishables like milk and eggs? I know you live on a farm but do you have a cow? And do the animals produce during the winter? Or are you going the powdered route?

    Thanks for sharing this — I think it is something we all need to learn.


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