Another busy week in the works

The last few days has brought more canning around here. The tomatoes have started to ripen and for now they have had their skins and seeds removed and I put them into the freezer. Later on I will make pizza sauce with them then put it into canning jars.

Another bushel of corn has been made into corn relish, and creamed corn. A few more jars of pickles from the last of the cucumbers in the garden sit nicely on the shelf. 

 The apples are ready so I have pie filling and a few jars of applesauce on the list of things to do the rest of the week.

I need to take some time and check on the wild grapes because I would like to make jelly and juice with them.

And lastly this week I will take a final inventory of the pantry to put my mind to rest of what we will still need to go through the winter. Our family has a 7 month no shopping time soon to start. More on this soon with details of my plans and more importantly why.

Daisy starts back to school today. She is very excited about it. Yesterday was registration day and her Dad took her for that. She came back all smiles telling me she saw her friend and her friend is all grown up and is as tall as her now. Now they can run faster together.


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  1. Karyn if you don’t mind to share your wild grape recipes. We are beaming with them here this year. Our apples too are near ready. A little frost and less rain would be wonderful.


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