Lavender and Calendula Soap Cake

I have been saving this beautiful soap cake for this falls craft fair as the center piece. Since I have others in the works I have decided to sell it as is. This is infused with lavender essential oil and Calendula petals. A pretty pale blue topped with pale yellow and topped with white “frosting” and dried Calendula petals.

This would make a nice center piece on a cake stand for a bridal shower, baby shower or even a garden party. It has the single slice cut from it and you can cut the rest any way you would like.

This is a fresh batch of soap and smells wonderful but I decided to discount it to get it off my soap shelf and make room for the new ones. Visit our Etsy Shop if you are interested.

I’m off to build a temporary pen in the chicken run for our rooster. Seems the girls have taken to pecking at his tail and it’s now missing feathers and bleeding. Dick and I sprayed him down last night with Blue Kote but it didn’t help. The girls are chasing and picking him something awful. I tried to catch him this morning when I let them all out but he is to quick for me I guess. I’ll have to get the pen made and use the corral method, hope that works. My next option is to wait until someone comes home, but the poor guy is just running to keep away from his girls. Even their favorite treats won’t get their mind off his tail.


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