Writing Practice with lines-Pre-letter writing

Here is the second set of cards we have been using this summer. These are basic line shapes. A practice sheet for pre letter writing. Daisy also has been working on actual letters, the letters in her first name, but I find that these help  improve her control over her marker (Pen, pencil). I am working on making more because they really do help.

These have gotten a lot of use and I think it is because they are quick to keep her attention, she mastered them quickly and she enjoys the colors and pictures of things SHE is interested in. I know most girls would want girlie things maybe flowers, dolls or something. But ask Daisy what she wants and she tells everyone a new tractor, a new egg basket, or a new halter for her horse. No frilly dress or fancy dolls. A tractor to play with in the sand box makes her happy.

Actually you can see her latest favorite tractor just behind the box of markers. A tiny little John Deer tractor she bought with her money she saved from collecting soda cans from the park. We took them to the recycle center and she earned 4 dollars that trip.

That turned out to be a great experience for her. She learned a lot from it. From keeping the park clean, to recycling and earning money to spending the money for something she wanted. It was a fun afternoon and something we will do again at some point.

Again I printed these out on card stock added a second sheet to make them sturdy and laminated. These I had wanted to cut apart and use in a tiny flip book but the size turned out just right because they are easy for her to hold on to. We use washable Crayola markers and a damp rag to wipe them off.

If you are looking for more here is a great place to find some.


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