Writing Practice With Numbers

With so many of the children going back to school for the year and Daisy to follow in a few, way to short, weeks. It seems logical that the homeschoolers are back at it too. I know here we really don’t take a break over the summer in fact we do more work since Daisy is home all day and we don’t have to share her time with the preschool she attends during the school year.

 I thought I would share with you the practice sheets we have been using this summer. They have been very popular with her because they are colorful, have pictures of things she is interested in, and are quick to complete. Quick is important with her because she is such a busy girl and can’t sit still very long.

These cards print on a standard letter size sheet. I printed them on card stock then laminated them. To make them a bit stiffer I placed a second sheet of blank card stock behind the first before it was laminated. Some of them have other activities on the back side.  We use washable Crayola Markers and a damp cloth to clean them off for next time. So far they have held up well.

They were ment to be then cut apart, a hole punched in the end and strung on a round binder clip. Sort of a mini flip book of practice sheets. But they work so well for her the size they are we left them in a single sheet.




As we make more I will share them with you but these will keep her busy for a few days.


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  1. Thanks for these Karyn.
    My granddaughter is two and was in Montassari which closed down. I will be schooling her with my teens two mornings a week. She is very good at printing and staying between the lines in colouring. She will enjoy these as well.

    Blessings. Marlyn

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