Seed Snobbery


This post I have nothing to say other than I have some wonderful White Swan and Sunrise mixed Echinacea seeds I would love to have a good home. These two varieties grows very well in my zone 4 garden in direct sun all day long. I’m sure if you grow Echinacea in your garden this will grow for you too. Heck plant them any way they will either grow or not grow.

I have 3 packages all set and stamped to send in the mail. Sorry seeds can only be shipped to the US.

So I decided to go to one of the favorite and popular gardening web forums that brags on how they are returning to the land and promoting simple living and back yard gardening in general, and offer my seeds, heck I even offered to pay for the postage.

I was told by the forum moderators that unless my seeds were “clean” from chafe they didn’t want them. That I could only offer clean seeds by forum rules. I thought to myself you have got to be kidding me! Right then and there I sent off an email and asked to be removed from their member list, snobby gardeners indeed with no true idea of the meaning of saving seeds-not the place for me. What would my grandparents think of such a thing? What would the readers of the blog have to say about such a thing?

So my dear friends if you would like a package of this years mix of  White Swan & Sunrise Echinacea seeds, chafe and all I would love for you to have them to add to your own gardens and seed collection. Send me an email at LizzyLaneFarm (dot) NH (at)  gmail (dot) com with your US address and I will get them off to you very soon.

If I was on the ball this year, which I wasn’t, I could have sorted the seed heads out but alass it’s to late and I have no idea what is what other than they are very pretty and grow well together.

I think it was last year I sent out several packages of the Whirl Pride Dasies. I will have more of these this year I just haven’t gotten around to collecting them yet, but there is a bumber crop. I’ll let you know when I have them packaged.


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  1. Hi Karyn, if you still have any seeds left, I’m sure my daughter in Ohio would love some. Do you still have the address from sending soap?

  2. Oh my! That is snobbery! I’d have no use for that, either. I am a seedaholic. I even sell seeds on the new farm store site I started just this year and my seeds have chaff in them! I just plant it with the seeds and call it “compost”.

    I guess I’ll post a warning on the seed site about the chaff. My seed will have chaff in them, sometimes what you get is whole pods, as in the case of the cilantro.

    What kind of person has all day to spend just sitting and cleaning seeds? Certainly not me.

    I like your blog.

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