feeding the chickens their morning greens

I had an interesting conversation with another “Mom” the other day about the fact that her two boys ages 4 & 6 get $10  a week for allowances. I asked the woman what her children did to earn this allowance because I have been thinking about Daisy and her being old enough or not for an allowance. What exactly was traded for this money?

The woman’s reply was oh’ no they don’t have chores to do they just get it every week. WHAT!? the little voice inside me yelled in disbelief. This woman just hands hard earned money over to her children with out them learning anything other than money must fall from trees or in this case just comes out of Mom’s pocket like magic?

Now here at 4 years old Daisy has several things she is responsible for every day, sometimes several times a day. Actually she just joins in on what ever task is being done and does her best to help. If you look through this blog you will find all sorts of examples. She is my side-kick and never very far away from the activities. She isn’t a little couch potato with no idea in the world what is going on around her. She has so many valuable life skills at her young age that many will never know in their life time. Daisy is very fortunate and will do well in the world.

  • She feeds her chickens and collects eggs (with my help)
  • helps to clean the barn and feed the horses
  • is expected to keep her toys and room picked up
  • is expected to keep her clothes picked up- dirty in the hamper and clean in her dresser
  • Helps clean off and set the table for each meal
  • Helps me do the dishes and laundry
  • Helps in the garden/yard when asked

She does these things just like everyone else does because things need to be done, the place wouldn’t run for long if the work never got done. She isn’t paid for her responsibility to keep the family safe, happy and healthy, no one else around here is. I don’t think for a second I am wrong, I worked hard growing up, my boys still do and so does Daisy.

Helping me clean up the barn

We work on teaching her the value of money and saving money when she gets it for holidays or her birthday. As she gets older we will expand on this.

So my thought was what exactly would a child get an allowance for? Where is this world going to end up if the next generation is taught that things are just given to them? What a scary thought. I already see it happening, I asked several of the teenage boys around if they would like to come help me weed out the old garden bed. Their answer was no they would not, $10 an hour was not enough money for them because it was such hard work. HARD WORK ? OKAY?

I asked the same question to a woman my age who is looking for work (she lost her job earlier this year) and she jumped at the chance and actually beat me home to get started. She has been weeding gardens around the town for $3 an hour. Now that I think is taking advantage of her and a whole different subject. I paid her $10. When she was done there was not a blade of grass, a stick, root or leaf, I have never seen such a nice job! She didn’t want me to help, telling me I was paying her to do the job she would do it.

So what happened over the course of a single generation? What would a child get an allowance for?


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  1. My daughter is 6 we give her $1.00 for each year of age. For her $6.00 is expected to set the table most nights and keep her creative space tidied each night ( this is a hard one) each year extra responsibilities will be incorporated in. she does also help out in other small ways. Of her $6.00 $2.50 must go into savings and the rest is hers to spend as she likes, our only real restriction on it is no canteen spending at School. Our 4 yo does not get any as he does not have an understanding or interest of money or currency yet when that starts to be shown well we will give him one also.

  2. Karyn I have six ( now all near adult) children. I never gave an allowance out. They are part of the family and the family has chores to do. If they don’t pull their share why should I cook for them. No one pays me to cook and clean! I actually had a daughter whom was so messy. I would tell her three times I expected her room to be cleaned. When it wasn’t done by a set date, I went in there garbage bags, cleaners etc, and invoiced her for the time I had to waste cleaning her room. She either had to pay cash or a set amount of my work to make up for it. She is now my cleanest adult!

    Good luck with this one.

  3. And while you’re at it, does she have a cell phone? Could someone please tell me why grade school and younger kids have cell phones? Disgusted, Elaine

  4. Our son Zach is 12,and he helps with the chickens,turkeys,and yard work,as well as keeping his room decent and throwing his clothes downstairs to be washed when they are dirty. We give him $5.00 a week,as long he does what he is suppose to and doesn’t complain about it. I can’t beleive that parents would just hand children an allowance for doing nothing.That astounds me.Young adults think they can work at easy jobs and get paid the moon. Elaine,I am 100% with you on cell phones. When Zach was in 4th grade we went on a field trip to the State Housein Concord and I saw children with cell phones. I couldn’t believe it! Zach asked when he could have one,and I told him when he is 16 ,drives,and has a job he can get himself a pay as you go phone. I also told him there was no reason why he needs one. He is never alone;he is either in school,where there are phones to contact me if he is sick;I am with him most of the time in Scouts,and if not,all the adults have their own cell phones;and all his friends parents have home phones or cell phones to contact me if he is at their house. He thought about it and said,” You’re right,Mama. I don’t need one.” It’s incredible how indulgent people are with their children. It’s going to be a real handicap when they get older,and we will have another generation with massive credit card debt ( another thing I don’t own or want-been there,done that,never again!!! If we can’t pay cash,it doesn’t get purchased!)

  5. I don’t have kids, so can’t judge… however, I never got an allowance. I never saw a red cent until I got my first job at 13… It wasn’t because my parents couldn’t afford it, they could. However, they already provided for my housing, food, clothing and family entertainment. No one paid my mom for cooking or laundry; it was expected of her. It was expected of me to keep my room clean and help around the house and yard as asked.

    Good for you for teaching Daisy that chores and helping out are part of the responsibility of having a home and family and you don’t get paid for it! It’s that sense of entitlement that frightens me in today’s youth….

  6. Good for you! Kids nowadays have no concept of how to take care of the household. They expect money, food, clothes..ect.. to fall into their laps with no effort from them. My 12yr old daughter does not get an allowance of money, she gets time on the computer, and if she does not do her chores and has to be reminded to do them, she gets time taken away (she has a 2 hr limit to begin with). She is more down to earth than her friends and I think it is from learning responsability.

  7. I love the idea of time on the computer, Daisy is to young just yet to touch mine but I could use it for her movie time.

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