Milled Soap

A few weeks back I showed you the labels for some milled soap I made. I don’t think I ever showed you the soap. It went over very well and this is the 3rd batch I have made. All unscented so it works well on the sensitive skin of new babies and those with allergies to scent and artificial colorants found in so many soaps.

This is just natural soap made from olive oil infused with calendula then ground calendula added.

The point of making milled soap is to allow delicate herbs to be added to the soap that would be mostly lost in the soap the first time it was made. Fresh soap is very caustic until it has had time to cure. It’s time consuming but pretty easy and well worth the effort.

Last week I got to spend some time with Dick’s (“MY”) Grandchildren who flew up from out of State. It was a busy but a wonderful week. What a whirl-wind schedule they had to keep to fit every activity in they wanted to do. Needless to say there wasn’t lots of time for them to spend with us.

The kitties up at the barn were wondering what was going on, and who where these new kids to chase them around.

Our hens, well at least one of them have started laying. For the past 5 days we have had a single egg in one of the nesting boxes. Very exciting for Daisy. She checks the chicken house several times each day. She is so cute, she carries the egg back to the house, oh’ so slow with her little hands wrapped gently around the egg. Her usual remark is ” we got another egg…Mummy”

I think I will make her a chart to keep track of how many she finds.

The garden is winding down a bit, but look what I found this morning. I have planted seeds for our fall garden. It’s not going to be as organized as the summer garden since I stuck things in where ever they would fit.

It’s time for me to order our fall garlic. I pulled up our garlic last week and was disappointed with the results. Most were very small. Guess I should do some research to find out what I did wrong. But mostly I think it was because I didn’t keep the garlic bed weeded out this summer. Plus I noticed the heads that were larger were the ones I cut the scapes off from. And lastly I think I pulled it all up too soon, the “leaves” were not completely brown as I was told by the guy down the street when I talked to him about it. He simply told me, oh’ no it’s not time yet to pull the garlic…

Pole beans starting to blossom

I do like the taste of what we have used so far. I’ll have to look back in my notes of find where I ordered it from and what kind it was. Last year I ordered a pound so this year I think I will double that and see how we do.

So how did your do this year?

Kellogg's Breakfast-Still green

On the list this week is to make some corn relish and freeze the rest of the bushel I ordered that will be here the end of the week. That will be fun. The recipe I am using is new to me this year. It was given to me from the guy we get our hay from. His mom has made it for years and she was happy to share her recipe. I can’t wait to get going on this.

 I haven’t mentioned the Kellogg’s Breakfast tomatoes in awhile. If you didn’t catch it the first time around. I missed out on ordering more seeds this spring. But as luck has it I found 3 seeds in the bottom of the package I thought was empty. All 3 plants are growing…well actually only one has any tomatoes on it and the other two haven’t even started to blossom yet, so there is little hope for those. I am watching the 3 tomatoes every day for any signs of ripening, but not yet.

As the weather gets cooler I would like to dig up the 2 that haven’t blossomed yet and try growing them inside, to see how they will do.

We have picked and enjoyed 4 of our Brandywine tomatoes so far this summer, the rest are still green… I put our’s in the ground a few weeks behind schedule this year. Our neighbor’s have been eating fresh tomatoes for a week or so now.

While Dick’s daughter was here I brought in the first of the ripe tomatoes with much excitement. She just smiled…telling me they have been eating tomatoes from their garden for a couple of months now… her’s is a few hundred miles south of us… like 400 or so. 🙂


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