The shadows were very pretty this morning

I had a chance to check out the garden this morning after last night’s thunderstorms. We needed the rain so badly. Everything is perky this morning. and the sun is back out. Things will dry off soon and I can spend some time picking all the goodies ready to eat.

One of the things I like to do every morning and afternoon is cut fresh grass for the chickens. Around here we call it gathering greens. It helps with our feed bill and they come running when they see the wagon. When I can I also cut a batch to air dry on the old screens in the barn and store them in plastic buckets for use this winter. We leave a section along the back side of the barn unmown just for this purpose. Once it gets to tall it will be mown and allowed to grow again.

It’s a relaxing task for me and my little helper always has plenty of questions about the things she sees along the way. This morning there were puddles to jump in.

Vine type green beans? Back this spring I ordered several packages of Kentucky Wonder bush type green beans and we have been enjoying them. A few weeks back I planted another section of them, this time from a new package identical to the ones I have been using.

So back to my seed catalogs I went and it seems Kentucky Wonder are listed as both pole and bush varieties depending on what company you order from. This I have never noticed, I have always gotten the bush type. Has anyone ever heard of this.

Now why do you suppose these are starting to vine? I had thought about pulling them out but think I had better try and set up a trellis for them to grow on. Not sure how that will work since the space in this small raised bed is very tight. I might need to thin them a bit first. The bush type I plant a bit closer at about 6″ a bit closer than the package suggests. It has been working fine and helps me get the most use out of the small space and keeps the weeds out…until now.

Garden Phlox

This turned out interesting, didn’t it. This is the clouds in my nasty dirty bird bath….the bottom is covered with red pollen from the maple trees….ewww…The colors are nice though, do you agree? I tipped the bath over and will give it a good wash and fill again with water for my feathered friends.

This Echinacea I thought had disappeared from the garden this year. So far all I have seen is the Sunrise & the traditional purple. I was happy to see White Swan is doing well.

If all these cucumber blossoms turn into fruit we will have plenty to go around. They are really starting to vine and I spent some time tucking them into the fence but they seem to be doing quite well all on their own.

And on my way back to the house I noticed Daisy’s trike has not been moved in a bit, it seems the clover is growing up and around it…

Have a wonderful day…


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  1. Karyn My green beans are doing the same thing. I have two varieties this year and one type has gone to being pole beans attaching themselves to tomato plants near by. I am heavy with green beans so I dare not touch them but it is a green mass of a mess at the garden. Do you think the hot humid weather has something to do with this?


  2. Marlyn,

    I was thinking the same thing either that or the wrong seeds got into the wrong package? Or maybe since they are open pollinated?

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