A dare

The beginning of the week my boss and I were talking about the huge amount of food in his fridge at any given moment. The effect was that there was so much in there that a good amount of it went bad before they could eat it all. He pointed to several boxes of cream cheese, “I love cream cheese, but we can’t eat 6 boxes before it goes bad”.

I didn’t say a word other than hum… and I went on to other things on my list of things I wanted to get done for the day while there. He wandered off to do his thing too. On my way by I grabbed those boxes and took them with me. The lady I care for helped me make  cheese cake and we had a great time cooking together.

Just before I left I brought one of the cheese cakes up to the fridge and left the boxes on the counter.

So this morning he smiles and hands me a huge loaf of stale french bread. Not moldy just hard from days in a plain paper wrapper. He says what do you suppose you could do with this I hate to toss it out. I told him I would think of something and he went on his way.

Now friends, did he really think a loaf of stale bread was a challenge? Together my lady friend and I made seasoned bread crumbs, and croutons. I went to the garden and in about 4 minutes pulled together enough to make a decent salad. I left the salad in the fridge, and quart jars of the bread crumbs and croutons on the counter with the bread wrapper. For good measure I wrapped the scallops sitting in the fridge with some of the cut bacon. They should have a nice meal tonight.

I guess my point is I am happy he is starting to think a bit different about the bounty of food available to him most of the time. To not just see a fridge full of individual items that are unrelated and not worth much. It’s the example of home cooking and not pre-packaged meals.

Last week we had a small lessons in clothing. His father is at a stage where zippers and buttons are a problem for him. My boss was all prepared to go out and purchase a new expensive wardrobe for his father from some specialty website that sells clothes to the disabled. I asked him to bring me a needle, thread and velcro…In a few days time I sewed the velcro where they needed to be and now my older gentleman friend can continue to dress himself and very little money was spent.

You see it’s all small steps and filling in places that need improvement. Their farm runs very smoothly and they already have many practical things and systems in place in their simple life. Some times you need fresh ideas and new people to talk to and before you know it you are off and running again.

So friends, learn any thing new the past few days?

I learned I should try bird netting over the chicken run to keep those birds in their pen. So obvious yet I was thinking I needed some sort of expensive roof or something like that. Clipping their wings did not help. I brought home the netting and hope to get it up tomorrow. I also learned that their duck loves to be sprayed with the garden hose. 🙂 I also learned that their dog does not come when called especially when chasing said duck…(insert your mental immage of me chasing a dog that is chasing a duck down a stone driveway with no shoes on my feet)

I will be home tomorrow and here is my list of things to do:

  • Laundry
  • Chicken netting on the chicken run
  • Cut down some 5 gallon buckets to make a few more water pans for the chickens
  • Blueberry picking
  • Trip to town for pine shavings and scratch feed. Also drop off soap order and weekly bread orders.
  • If cool enough a bit of baking-brownies & baking powder biscuits for the blueberries
  • feet up and study!

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  1. Blessings Karyn

    This is my home day too. The laundry line is full, animals happy because it is a much cooler day, baking to do, salad to make and some sewing. The list can and will go on but just having a pleasant day at home. Just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I learned we should have put out rainbarrels a long time ago!!! With the dry weather we have been having,our well is very low,so I can’t water my garden as often as I should! We have one of the two rain barrels set up,and with the heavy rain the last few days,we now have over 50 gallons of water from one barrel. Enjoying this gorgeous pleasant day by canning some cukes and making pickles…my first attempt,so I am sure I will learn something from that too. 🙂

  3. I love being resourceful with what I have, it is so fulfilling! A good reminder to me today, to see what I can do with my leftovers for dinner.

    Take car.

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