A quick hello!

Feeding the chickens...& goofing around


This week I will be working every day and spending every moment I can studying. This coming weekend I will be finishing up the clinical hours I need and be taking the final for the certificate to take the State Compentancy test the following week. 2 tests in 2 weeks…

In the middle of all this I have to drive to Concord (I HATE THE CITY) to the State Police to have my finger prints done. I had them done years ago for my State Certification of the house so the gentleman who lived with us could live with us, but for some reason I have to do it again, like my prints are going to change or something….I don’t know-just do it and get it done with.

The garden has kicked into another gear and I picked our first cukes, summer squash and zuch. last night. Tasty too they were.

Still fighting with what ever is taking our chickens…we have gone from 26 down to 6 hens and 1 rooster. There is a chicken swap in 2-3 weeks so I will go to that and look for a couple of laying hens. I’m not going to do chicks this time of year.

The woman I work for has her incubator going, and I walk by it several times a day and watch it turn from side to side..side to side=TEMPTATION!


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  1. Concord is a suburb not a city =)

  2. HH,
    🙂 It’s all in the eyes of the beholder…It was busy when I was a kid and it’s even worse now. Last trip down I was stuck in traffic in the highway for almost 45 minutes at the 5pm rush hour. The highway for goodness sake!…It’s good that I knew where to get off and take the way back roads home, slow and easy 🙂 Dirt all the way and not an out-of-state car in sight…

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