How do you spend your evenings?

I’m a thinker and come up with the strangest thoughts that lead to other thoughts that help me organize life here. So what exactly is everyone doing around here and what should I be doing to help things run smoother for everyone? That all depends on who in this house you ask. Is there anything to be learned?

For Dick he enjoys an hour of watching the news on TV then reading his paper. A bit of supper, a quick shower then more TV watching…a quick nap in his favorite chair and off to bed by 8pm. He is up at 4am to go to work and home by 4:30 in the afternoon. Some nights he is home at 7 when he finishes up his mowing for his customers this time of year.

Son #1 tinkers in the yard working on his truck, or a small chore I give him. Last night was to fix the chicken coop solar panel. Supper with us then back to the yard. A quick shower and a few hours on his computer.

Son #2 goes to visit friends to play board games or run their RC cars on the different tracks they built. Supper with us and a quick shower at home and watching TV until bed time around midnight or so. He may mow the grass for me or other chores I ask him to do.

Daisy plays hard all day so for her it’s a nice long tubbie when we return from the barn, then a bit of supper. A nice book and a rock in the chair with me before bed at 6:30. She might spend a bit of time in her room with the light on looking at other books or drawing.

And I rush home from work/school, check and feed/water all the animals. A quick clean up of the kitchen, start supper. Help Daisy finish up her bath, get her dressed. Finish up Supper, clean up the kitchen. Rock in the chair with Daisy and tuck her in. Make lunches for everyone, clean up the kitchen a bit more, set the coffee pot for morning. A walk through the garden to check on things and water it. Back to the barn to put the animals away for the night. A LONG hot shower and rock in my chair and knit for a few minutes before bed at 8:30.

This was a mental excercise I did a few nights this past week. So what did I learn?

1. I am busy doing all the things I like to do. Care for the animals, care for my family and a few minutes to myself. Didn’t come up with anything I would like to change except squeeze in a bit more barn time somehow. And get these guys to clean up after themselves in the kitchen a bit more.

2. Our family likes to shower in the evening. Guess it’s due to the fact that it has been so hot everyone is sticky and sweaty. Who wants to go to bed dirty? That is a lot of water use all at one time. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an outside shower to use in the summer. One where the water is heated by the sun?

3. My family likes to eat all at the same time and they like to eat well. No quick premade boxed stuff will do. Last week I bought and served them a prepackaged bag of mixed greens for salad. They ate it but nicely told me they didn’t want it again. The lettuce was not good varieties and the pieces way to big for their liking. So I delegated the task of lettuce picking from the garden to son #1 and Daisy. This is to include washing and drying it AND tearing it into proper sized pieces as he sees fit and to have it ready before Supper is started. Easy?

4. That Dick is doing what he should be doing, resting after a long day at work.

It’s nice to see everything running smoothly and everyone happy. So what does your evening routine tell you about your family?

Lastly I will share with you my personal chuckle of the morning…

A lady from town stopped over to pick up her weekly bread I bake for her. She wants a natural, and simple life style but works so hard at her corporate job keeping up with the boys she couldn’t be farther from it. So her solution is to have a few things she enjoys around. I guess homemade bread and a few minutes here at the farm charges her energy for the week. She loves to walk around and touch, smell and comment on most anything around here. I let her, it makes her happy.

 I have on the table my morning glass of coffee. Today it is iced. She notices it and makes the comment it looks delicious. I offer her some and she accepts. To the cupboard I go, pull out a matching pint wide mouth canning jar and fix her a glass, top it off with a piece of fresh mint from just outside the kitchen door.

She says ” You always have the prettiest things around here. I just love these country glasses of yours!” “You know I recently saw these same ones in a country magazine at the hair dressers a few weeks ago.”

I say ” thank-you” and offer no further input into the subject.

Huh???, who knew Ball canning jars were “pretty country” and I followed trends from some magazine…

That gives me another idea, for Christmas this year I think I will give her a set of 6 all her own. Add a bit of my garden tea wrapped in an embroidered tea towel.

Today’s photo is part of the soap label I have been working on to wrap the milled, unscented Calendula soap I set to cure a few weeks ago. It’s a sneak peek…just because.


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  1. Our evening is similar, except the kids have left the nest. I cook, we enjoy our meal together, perhaps play a game, Rob does chores,while I clean up the kitchen, we usually go for an evening swim and watch a dvd, then off to bed.

  2. Love the label it looks great – I really enjoyed reading your evening routines – We do similar stuff but always end up going to bed way too late – i’ll shall be following your example!

  3. you sound busy and happy and for some reason that puts a smile on my face….

    I love the look of the label, it is eye-catching and speaks of things simple and pure.

    take care,


  4. See I always knew you were chic! 🙂

    Someone asked me if I had watched something on TV the other day and was shocked when I responded we don’t watch TV. Then what do you do at night, they asked? Well after the animal and garden chores we might can or preserve or craft or watch the Nature Channel. What? I thought you don’t watch TV? I don’t – we sit together by the pasture and watch the animals play and talk to each other. Oh the novelty! Far better than any TV show I”ve ever heard of!

  5. That is the best channel! It will never go off the air and there are never re-runs.

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