At Dusk

I'm not the only one who enjoys thinking about things in this spot.


It’s a great time for me to sit back a bit and think about all sorts of things. Lately I have been working on plans for our future 20-40 years from now. Most I know my age (45) have not even started thinking about this at this point in their life. So they are no help with suggestions or by example. 

For me it started when I had my children and have evaluated my plans often and made changes to those plans. 

Just now I am working out what we should be doing to prepare for Dick’s retirement as early as this coming spring. He struggles with his health to continue working full time. I urge him to cut back to part time. His answer is so true for our times, there are no part time jobs around, I’m lucky to have a full time seasonal job at my age (69). 

Here is what I have so far: 

Double up (again) so it actually will be the total of 4 monthly payments made to our mortgage. I haven’t done the math yet but this should shorten it to around 10 years or less and save a considerable amount in interest. 

Add what we can to our tax budget now to prepare as best we can for that ever increasing cost. 

Stock up on clothing and household items to last us a few years. 

Start working on eliminating some of the daily chores my husband must do around here. This will be a tough one because I did that several years ago to help him out. 90% of day to day upkeep I do. Things like the snow plowing vehicle repair he still does. 

One thing that keeps me thinking is moving to a smaller house and yard. But the idea so far of selling my beloved homestead for the past 10 years makes me so sad I almost can’t stand it. Yet I know a house is a house it’s the people and love that make it a home. 

I will let a secret out of the bag, we have been looking at a house a few towns over, much smaller! It would not have room for the boys to continue to stay with us, Daisy yes, but not the boys. This in itself almost makes me sick to my stomach to think they would have to move on from here. I enjoy their company and help. Yet I know at some point all must leave the nest of childhood and build their own. Yet neither seem to be in any hurry to do so. Is it right for me to make that decision for them? 

The house I could be happy in I think.The yard is flat level and very workable. A smaller yard around 2 acres in a quiet neighborhood yet on the main road to town. Since it is on the main road it would be a perfect spot to build a small road side stand to sell the eggs, flowers, veggies and of course the soap. It also would be suitable for Dick to sell/deliver his bark mulch and shavings, a life long retirement dream. So I would be starting the gardens all over again. There is no room for the horses but there is for chickens and a goat or two… 

At dusk I sit and think…


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  1. Wow, that’s some serious thinking. I can imagine that it’s going to be a very difficult decision to make, but since your looking, maybe it’s what you truly desire.
    Good luck – it will all work out.

  2. I can’t answer any of your questions Karyn but trust what is right for you will become apparent. Thinking of you.

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