Morning Chores

Last week started out well despite the heat. I took most of the week off to spend time at home catching up on things around here. Over the weekend I was back at school working on some of my clinical hours in one of our local nursing homes. What a miserable time I had there. The building is not air conditioned and policy does not allow the windows to be open. The place was well over 100 inside and the smell in the place was unbelievable.  Most didn’t even have a fan to circulate the air. I feel so bad for the residents there and the fact that MY power to change the situation for them was limited to my care of them for the day.

I spent my time keeping them dry, clean and turned into new positions often. The only solace I can find is that at least while I was there, life was somewhat better. I just wanted to take every one of them home with me to care for them. I have learned that institutional nurning home care IS NOT for me, at least not in that center or any of their other homes in the area.

Yesterday was better as I worked at my job and the couple I enjoy so much. They too are feeling the effects of the heat so we kept our activities low and I bathed both of them and put them into cool clothes and made them a cool fruit salad before I left. I thought they would enjoy that for dinner.

Today is my day off. I woke up tired and felt like doing nothing at all today even though my list is long.  The temperature is somewhat cool and the clouds are overhead.  As I started the morning chores with Daisy, I just wanted to get them done. As usual I put the camera in my pocket and we headed out the door hand in hand. I notice even my pictures today are fuzzy and not focused, exactly the way I was feeling.

The first thing I noticed just outside the front door…the catnip is just about in full bloom and is covered with huge bumblebees. This is nice so we spent some time looking it over and before long we had wandered into the garden. I hadn’t noticed but Daisy sure did…

LOOK MUMMY MY SUNFLOWERS! This needs no explanation, don’t ever let anyone tell you children can not garden. These she has grown from seeds with no help from me other than to help her fill her watering can.


By this time I had forgotten all about my long list and the short time to do it in and spent our time looking, visiting and just enjoying the day.


Before long we had spent time with all the animals and were back at the house enjoying toast with jam and sipping iced catnip tea. It always amazes me that no matter how I am feeling a few moments at home with my family and all is right with the world.

Now back to my list-I’m off to get the laundry hung to dry and the floors washed before it gets to hot here today.

One more that I’m enjoying

We lost 15 of our 25 chickens last week. No idea what happened to them we only found 5 dead the rest are just gone. 2 of them clearly were killed by something and the other 3 were found in the coop in the morning, this I can say I think was from the extreme heat and humidity we have had here the past week. Losses do happen despite all measures I could think of to care for them. They had shade, plenty of cool water that was changed several times a day and even bottles of frozen water put in the coop each night, with a fan running for them…

Needless to say despite having no time and it being 100 out son #1 and I managed to finish hooking up the solar panel system and get the electric fence around the coop up and running. So far it is working well and we haven’t lost any more birds.

Hope your day is going well.



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  1. You poor dear. It is heart breaking when you loose livestock like that. I had a wild dog come and clear out my whole coop one year. I had the birds two weeks! One thing we learn on the farm and that is life and death. It is hot and humid up here too. No break in sight. I just work slow like a turtle!

  2. Its strange hearing how very hot it is for you and here we sit in grey winter with crisp cold days and today a very blustery strong wind. Good to hear you have that fence up and running.

  3. What an inspiration …. soon SOON …I will have a working garden too.

    Thanks for all the useful info – you have been helping me plan my new, simpler life for a while now, and for that I am grateful.

    Thanks for sharing your life and benefiting me as you do!

  4. Sorry to hear about your chickens, so sad. You have a beautiful garden/flowers. I felt a connection to you about the nursing home. I use to work in one years ago and the treatment they endured saddened me. I tried so hard at 18 years old to make a difference, but the system is against it. So sad, that is so cruel to have temps like that. Can you file a complaint? It’s good you took the day for yourself, we all need to do that sometimes. Hope you have a great night, and many blessings to you.


  5. So sorry to hear about your birds, Karyn, very unfortunate.

    I loved looking at your garden photos, and Daisy’s sunflowers! She must be so pleased. You are so right, that just a little wander around the garden and time with family can lift your spirits for the rest of the day. Keep comfortable in the heat. 🙂

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