Cleaning Out

I have placed a huge order for soap making supplies. Lots of new fragrances, natural colorants & exotic oils. I will be starting new batches of soap as soon as they arrive some time next week. 

This leaves me with a few odd and ends bars of soap I would like to get out of my stock drawers.  There is nothing wrong with these I just need the room. Have a quick look here at this post then you can contact me about your order at  LizzyLaneFarm(dot) NH (dot) Gmail (dot)com 

Word Press does not allow me to sell from this blog so send me an email or head over to our Country Store. The prices have not been changed there… 

Kitchen Soap with Pumice & Cornmeal  


For the kitchen and the gardener too. The scent is eucalyptus & rosemary. They have pumice and a wee bit of corn meal for extra scrub, also contains a bit of  clay for a special treat. Contains 2 bars weighing around 4 ounces total. Come in those cute boxes with a bow al ready for gift giving. 

….$8.00 each Now $6.00 each  

 2 boxes left  

Confetti fun soap
In our popular scent Pink Sugar
2-3 ounce bars
….$3.00…..$Now $2.50 each

 4 bars left 


Anise Star & Vanilla 




This one is a strong licorice smell with a hint of vanilla. The men like it and we have a couple of hunters who always look for this around hunting season.
2-3 ounce bars.
$4.00 each… $3.00 each
4 left


Shaving Soap Cakes
These cakes of shaving soap are infused with herbs with a bit of clay added to give this soap a little “slip” & “grip” for shaving.  These are some of my favorites, I love the lavender.

These are extra moisturizing because there is also a touch of Shea butter and Jojoba oil added. Anyone who has shaved with regular bar soap or canned shaving cream knows how drying to your skin it can be.

They do lather like a regular bar of soap but are not going to act like canned shaving cream. They work very well and don’t need all the extra “foam” shaving cream needs to hold those whiskers up and let the blade glide without digging in. The clay in here does that.

Chamomile– Bergamont & Mandarin Orange scent with infused Chamomile and dried herbs sprinkled on top. A nice golden tint.

Lavender– Lavender essential oil & dried organic lavender infused in the soap and sprinkled on top. A pretty purple/blue tint.

Rose– Cottage Rose scent and infused with rose petals and rose hips. A pretty burgundy tint with dried petals and hips sprinkled on top.

Each is approx. 2 ounces….

$4.00 each….Now $ 3.00 each

Chamomile-3 left
Lavender-1 left
Rose-6 left


Blackberry Sage Cakes
These cute soap cakes smell like blackberry and fresh sage. Each is a hefty 5 ounces and are large enough to slice into smaller sections. Some for you and some to share?

Blackberry Sage Soap Cake
….$6.00  each now $4.00
1 left



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