I downloaded the most recent pictures this morning on the 7th of July and noticed that the very last image was named 7777.

Pretty Calendula in this morning's garden

Thought I would share the lucky number with you.

Here are a few more from this morning.




Daisy is growing these

Daisy is growing these


I’ll be back with a few more canning jar labels soon.


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  1. I like Daisy’s sunflowers. The chipmucks took off with all my seeds i planted!
    I wanted to ask you where you purchase the sodium Hydroxide for your soap? Do you buy it on-line or at a local store. I thought our druggist would have it but nope! health Food Store maybe?

    Thanks Marlyn

  2. I was going to ask if the sunflower at the top of the photos on the left side of your blog was in Daisy’s garden – then I read a bit further and was rewarde by seeing a photo of four! Well done Daisy!!!

    Karyn – please accept my sincere thanks for the photos and labels you are sharing. All are so beautiful, they are a reflection of yourself and your inner generous, caring and sweet personality. You work so hard for you and yours, and still share, share and then share some more. I learn so much from visiting here.

    Thank you again, sending love, care and huggles,

    Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand (with background purring from my rescue cat, Zebby)

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