It’s Canning Season-Free Labels For You

We have a standing joke in our part of the woods that we have two seasons. Winter and fourth of July. Meaning it’s either cold or so hot you can’t stand it. Guess what? The second of July the heat hit us, it has been up in the 90’s all weekend and will continue until the end of this weekend.

It is also berry season and time to make jelly and jam. I hope to make it to the market today for strawberries and blueberries for jam making. As usual the house is already so hot and turning the stove on for jam making will make it hotter. All part of the process.

If you take a look at the USDA canning processes you will see that they now recommend a water bath for jelly and jams. I’m from the old school and I don’t water bath mine. I do however make sure the jars and all the equipment are very clean and have been sterilized before using them. I would suggest you use your own judgement on this one.

I spent some time making new labels for the jelly jars over the weekend. These are lilacs since I am still in my lilac mood. These are for you to use and enjoy as you wish. If you click on the image it will take you to the PDF file to print or down load. These are to print on a full sheet of label paper then cut out. I use my 2″ punch.

 And for those of you who like square labels, these could be printed on label paper and stuck to the side of you jar, or printed on card stock and hung with a pretty ribbon. You could also stick these onto pretty scrap booking paper and make a wider band for your jars, with a bit of ribbon around the rim of the screw band I think they would make a fine gift.


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  1. These are lovely. Thank you for posting them. I am in Ontario Canada and we have been over 100F the last two days. Right during haying season………go figure. WE have been told today via radio that to expect these temperatures until Sunday. Not sure I can endure this but……………………….

    I have been flash freezing fruits and will can them later, perhaps September when the kitchen is a reasonable temperature.

  2. Hi I just printed off your labels i loved them, I mostly make pickles and relish and have only made my first jam recently but I loved them and printed them off even if only to look at lol thanks Carole

  3. Hi Carole,

    Pickles and relish are next on my list after the one that will post tomorrow. I think you will like it, it’s generic so you can write what ever you want to on it. I will do special requests as time permits if you have a particular kind you would like a label for….

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