Happy 4th

I found a great deal at the Farmer’s market this week on corn. Early corn from Mass., 19 cents an ear.  I will be spending some time before work this morning peeling it to make some corn relish tomorrow. We haven’t had any corn relish in the house for a few years now. Last summer the corn didn’t do well so what we could get was so expensive, I saved it for a treat to eat right on the cob.

When I dig the recipe out I will post it for you. I’m using some of my new canning jars I got with those great coupons earlier in the week. Speaking of canning jar coupons did anyone see the new coupon for $3.00 off 2 cases and the buy 2 get 1 free on the lids? Back to the store I go to pick some of those up. I’m happy that the Ball company has finally realized their potential for increased sales, a bit slow on the band wagon for home gardeners but better late than never. 🙂

Did everyone I mailed coupons to get theirs yet?

I am still seeing many new gardens in yards I have never seen them before and this makes me happy that many of my neighbors are taking the time to help themselves in this tough time. For me gardening even the smallest one can really help the food budget. Taking the time to preserve that food is also an important step. Think how cheerful those jars of food will be in the dark days of winter, or put into a pretty gift basket for gift giving later in the year.

Last week we met with friends for my birthday and earlier in the day I took some time to thin Daisy’s lettuce bed, cut a few garlic scapes, and picked a few handfuls of snow peas. I put some of them in a veggie basket and brought them to our friends for them to enjoy. I received the nicest thank you card yesterday in the mail and the promise to return the basket soon.

That night she made the comment she wished she could have a small garden so she could have fresh lettuce too. I asked her why she didn’t. Her answer was she didn’t have time, and the bending and kneeling she couldn’t do any more. I gave her that look and asked if she had any empty flower pots? She said she did, I suggested she fill them with good soil and plop in a few lettuce seeds then keep the pots right on the rail of her back deck. You should have seen her eyes light up, something so simple has given her the idea that gardening is not something she can’t do anymore that there are other ways to do it. Her note also mentioned she had planted the pots and was waiting for her lettuce to sprout. (Cin, I knew you could do it, so what variety did you plant? AND if you need more pots I have extra behind the carriage shed if you happen to be driving by.)

I hope you all enjoy the weekend. I will be home here on the farm with my family. What was ment to be a weekend of cookouts and relaxation has turned into a working weekend. Then again when isn’t it around the farm, always something to do, just the way I like it. Our front steps after may years have rotted away and fell over! They were set there temporarily until the front porch could be built, they weren’t even built with pressure treated wood so considering they lasted very well. Well no more procrastinating over that, it’s time because now I can’t use that door. 🙂 Also on my list is to finish hooking up the solar panel on the chicken coop. Another project that will take a short time and getting started is the hardest part.


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  1. Your working weekend sounds wonderful. Have fun!!

  2. I did receive my coupons for the jars. They sure came in handy. Thank you soooooo much!!!! I had one and with 2 from you I got 3 cases of new jars. WOOHOO. I’m sure I’ll fill those and many more.
    Thanks again.

  3. I love your site and what your doing – We visited friends in Wolfboro 3 years ago and fell in love with New Hampshire, your photos really bring it to life. I couldnt agree more about the tips to grow in flowerpots , for years we didnt ahve a garden but we had plenty fo tomatoes lettuce an dherbs even when we only had a windowsill. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. We’ll definitely be back!

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