A new coupon

For those of you who like and use coupons. Today when you visit Sobe and play the SoBe Instant Win Game and win, you can print a Buy One, Get One Free coupon, you can print it an unlimited number of times!  To print more than 1 use the back button to print again. I had to sign up to get the coupon but I can cancel the subscription in a few days.

Be sure to set your printer to the economy setting before trying to print these.  If you are new to internet coupon printing you will need to down load a free coupon printing program available right from that site. I did this several weeks ago and have had no problems with it. The coupons print right away without the print dialog box popping up so have your printer all set with paper too. They print 1 coupon per sheet so there is a bit of paper extra left over. I stapled them together and now I have an instant note pad for Daisy to doodle on while riding in the car.

Next week at CVS they will have these on sale buy one get one free. That means when you buy the 1 for $1.00 you can get 2 free.

I mention this because I tried it this morning and sure enough I was able to print 25 of these coupons. I will use them next week to stock up and save them for my husband’s Masonic Lodge to add to the Christmas Baskets we help put together each year. My boys drink the Sobe Life water so the $25 for this is okay since they will purchase them anyway. The 25 will stay here and the 50 I will donate.

Just a bit more of my coupon freebie shopping for charity I find so fun lately.

Thought you might like to know.


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