Yesterday the air, general attitude of both people and animals felt charged and tense, ready to strike at any moment. I myself had a list of things to do while out and came straight home after just a single stop. I didn’t want to deal with any of it, I wanted to go home and close the door behind me.

Dick sounded stressed and out of patience on the phone, both of the boys were in a sharp mood. Daisy was so fussy she didn’t even like herself. The horses were impatient and the chickens were flighty. The kitten tore around the house getting into all sorts of trouble.

It has been hot and humid for the past few days and things were building up. We are not used to hot and humid in our cool climate and the effects were hitting us hard.

Every thing and every being could feel it…around 3 in the afternoon I could smell rain, the thick black clouds rolled over head leaving the day dark, dark enough I turned a light on in the house. The horses ran in circles around the pasture biting at each other. The dog went to his hiding spot and whimpered non-stop. Daisy was wild and turned her listening ears off- just running and yelling so out of control that her favorite blanket nor I could soothe her. All I wanted was quiet.

When it hit, it hit hard and fast. The building tension had reached it’s peak and let loose with all it’s might. So dark, rain so thick you could not see across the yard, wind blowing violently it knocked down trees in the yard. The dog and the baby cried and cried and there was no comforting either of them. Thunder shaking the house. Only the sounds of crying babies, thunder, wind and pounding rain.

Just as suddenly it stopped. The wind, humidity, clouds and tension were all gone. The power was out and the world was silent and calm.

Thunderstorms full of energy and power.

An Austin-Heritage

This morning all is right with the world after a cool night to catch up on some sleep. We are ready for a beautiful day it promises to be.

Everyone and everything are calm and happy. I did get my licence without any problems yesterday. Today I will leave early for work and finish up the errands I needed to do yesterday.

An Austin- Teasing Georgia

Now feeling renewed and refreshed early this morning I got to thinking about my classes this weekend and the fact that I haven’t made any “soaping goodies” in a while.

It will be the start of our clinical and actually working on the floor with the residents. I am so looking forward to it, I love the residents my very reason for nursing. I think the other girls who are new to nursing will find the day tiring so thinking about this I put together a little box of pampering goodies.

These are bath bombs I put into paper medication cups…what else would I use? They are made with sea and epsom salts, baking soda and citric acid, a bit of sunflower oil and lavender essential oil. A wee bit of organic lavender bud with a single dried rose bud on the top.

Tiny guest sized soap in several scents but the chocolate and mint is my favorite. Do you remember these from a few weeks ago with oh’ so cute antiqued tags?

1 for each of the girls and 1 for our instructor


 I found these cute little boxes a few weeks ago and had no idea what I would ever use them for. I bought only 6 of them so it worked out perfectly.

Once the bath bombs are dry I will straighten out the tissue paper and close the boxes and put a big pretty bow on top.  I think pink because I feel like powder puff pink today.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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  1. Those soaps are adorable. I really must learn how to make soap. Have been saying this for months now. Fear of chemicals!!!

    Thunderstorms have hit us hard up here (Ontario) as well. Another bad one yesterday and pelting rain again. Hard to get the hay off the fields.Unlike you we are still in storm watches till Tuesday night. No worry about wells this summer!

    Blessings Marlyn

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